Hooray for Trucks!

Hooray for Trucks!

I was lucky enough to get Ruckus Media Group’s  Chuck and Friends: Friends for the Long Haul storybook app to try out. I wondered if he would like it after all, my 2 year old son is super picky about his books. They really have to catch his attention or it’s no use, he won’t sit still to finish them. I had high hopes though since this app is interactive and has games throughout the story. Still, he usually doesn’t care about my iPhone or iPad unless a Mickey Mouse video is playing. It’s funny how kids are so different. My daughter loves to read and play on my phone and iPad. I wrote a review of another app of theirs My Little Pony: Twilight Sparkle, Teacher for a Day from her point of view here.

Now, my son isn’t the most advanced talker so I couldn’t really ask him any questions. Well, I could but that would just lead to no where! So here is my opinion on the app. I wasn’t sure what to expect, I didn’t grow up playing with Chuck like I did My Little Pony. But, I have to say I really liked it. You can choose to read it, have it read to you (the one I chose), or record yourself reading it. The graphics, colors, storyline are all great. I thought the little video clips scattered throughout were a nice surprise. My son really enjoyed the letter games, and I was happy they were simple enough for him to do alone (just swiping his finger across the screen). Other apps we have tried, even those specifically made for toddlers, were a lot harder to play even for my daughter so thank you for making this one easy! And in case you were wondering, my daughter also wanted a turn so it’s fun for boys and girls :) Enough about me…a little information on my son: It takes something really awesome to get him to be excited about it. He would much rather demolish things then sit for most books. And if he is interested enough in something to want to do, play with, or read again then hallelujah we have a small miracle!

Here are his reactions:

TRRRRUUUCCCKKKKS!! (opening page)



Ew Ew Dirty!

Wipe, Wipe Wipe ( in response to one of the games)

Vroom Vroom Go Go Goooo!

Yay jump!

And when we got to the end: More peas!

I think this is a great story app for any truck lover, and if my son likes it then it’s nothing short of fantastic.

***While you are in the app store please consider purchasing any of their Read-Play-and-Record Along Rabbit Ears Interactive Storybooks. They are only $1.99 and from now until December 31st Ruckus Media will donate 100% of the net proceeds to the Children of St. Jude.***

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