Healthy Food

Healthy Food

Oh it tastes so good, ahhhh me want some healthy food. Sorry, I can’t say those words together without breaking into song a la Cookie Monster. With so much unhealthy food out there it can be hard to eat right. One it costs way more then it should and two sometimes healthy food doesn’t taste so good!

This weeks Blogging Carnival Question:Ā  What are your latest healthy food discoveries?

I recently discover quinoa and dal. Quinoa is a plant that produces a form of edible seed. It is very high in protein, and low in carbs. Dal is an Indian dish of lentils and you can serve them over brown rice or eat them plain. I buy them plain and spice them to taste. Great source of vegetarian protein.

*This post is sponsored by The Chia Co and Iā€™m writing this to be entered into a giveaway hosted by Mamavation ā€“ a community dedicated to obesity prevention & weight loss for women. Opinions are all mine.*


As for health and fitness this week….

I made it through the first week of the 2 Week Challenge without falling behind. Minus one day, I made my step goal of at least 12,000 per day. Aside from the challenge, I also went to the gym 3 times (Mon,Tues, and Thurs) and worked out with my Zumba game at home (Sat). No measurements or weight taking yet, I like to wait until the end of the challenge. I’ve been eating pretty healthy. I started feeling a little sick and wasn’t eating too much but thankfully I’m on the mend. Being a mommy, I have no time for being sick!

I hope everyone has a wonderful week and we are halfway done ladies we can do this!!!

11 Responses to Healthy Food

  1. Marie Nichols says:

    I hear ya on the no time to be sick when ur a mommy. same goes for me here. How’s the zumba thing i’ve been wanting to try it out. I’ve heard great reviews on it. i love to dance. 12,000 is awesome. my most so far is 20,000. hope you have a great week also.

  2. TishaMarie says:

    I am so closed minded when it comes to food, but I will officially add both of those to my must try list. Thank you, and good luck on your weigh in next week.

  3. andrea says:

    GO GIRL GO!! šŸ˜€

  4. Never heard of dal and really want to know more about it. Putting it om my research list

  5. Yum! I adore both quinoa and dal. :) I also love to make my own saag with spinach and tofu. It is super easy (with a package of frozen spinach) if you enjoy Indian food.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I actually just made breadcrumbs the other day. I like to just process my dried bread and freeze the crumbs. Then I season them as I go. Hope you are stocked up now. Have a great week.

  6. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Returning the favor. I love quinoa too, but I always forget to buy it. Luckily, I get quinoa salads already prepared at Whole Foods.

  7. Candi says:

    Congrats on sticking with your plan. I have never heard of Mamavation Monday, sounds neat. I might have to check it out. I followed ya over from Bloggy Moms, nice to meet you!

  8. Oh I LOVE quinoa!! Yum yum! I just found a bunch of recipes on Pinterest. Oh how I love Pinterest.

  9. Ashley says:

    Thanks everyone!

    @AndreaE I will have to check out the recipes on there, I’m always looking for something new to try!

    @Andrea Notimemom- I do love Indian food,I’ll have to try that one.

    @Maria N I have the zumba fitness 2, I love my actual classes the best, but it’s a great alternative for days when the gym doesn’t have zumba or I can’t get there. I love that I can customize my playlist and it keeps track of calories (estimated) burned

  10. I’ve never heard or tried dal, but I’m gonna be looking for it when I go shopping tomorrow. Thanks for the new idea :)

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