Making Valentine’s Day Special

Making Valentine’s Day Special

Valentine’s Day is almost here, can you believe it? In my house that means I need to help organize my daughter’s class party, buy cards, and try to make my family feel special. Instead of exhausting myself, I am finally learning to do without going overboard. As moms, we are busy enough as it is, why add more to our plate then we have to?

This year I am going to make Valentine’s Day special without going crazy. My son is only 2, so any extras I do for Valentine’s Day are of no interest to him. He loves to eat and it doesn’t matter if it is pink, purple, green, heart shaped, or plain! So all my efforts are mainly for my daughter, but I think in the future he will appreciate it too. For breakfast, we will be dining on pink yogurt with strawberries and raspberries mixed in. Since my daughter is at school, I plan on making her a little card that says “MOMMY LOVES YOU” to stick inside her lunch box.  I also found a heart shaped sandwich cutter at a local kitchen store. According the my daughter, heart shaped sandwiches taste better. Who knew? And for dinner, I will be making heart shaped whole wheat pancakes, topped with strawberries, pink milk to drink, and frozen pink yogurt for dessert. For some other cute ideas check out Tiny Print’s Pinterest Board here.

Now that I have my game plan for home I need to focus on my daughter’s class party. One of the things I needed to find were cards. I love to plan ahead so I started searching for cute cards at the beginning of January. Tiny Prints has a great selection of cards for kids, adults, and even party invites. You can browse their selection of Valentine Cards and Valentines Day Greeting Cards. I personally love the cards for kids. They have a great “favorites” feature on their website. It allows you to “favorite” selections as you are scrolling through without redirecting to another page. Then you can go back and compare all your favorites side by side. I had a hard time choosing just one card and when you start browsing Tiny Prints you will see why! To see all my favorites you can check out my pinterest board.

These are my top 2 picks for girls and boys. I ended up letting my daughter pick her card, because they are both so cute I could not decide!


Loving Blooms!

Enchanted Princess!


Truckloads of Fun!


Fire Alarm!


My daughter can not wait to give out her cards. She told me, “Mommy, these are the cutest and all my friends are going to love them!” You will definitely be the cool parent with these cards.

To learn more about them and to get updates connect with Tiny Prints on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest!



Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Tiny Prints. I was provided with Valentine’s cards in the hopes that I would share my honest opinions. I received no monetary compensation and the opinions expressed are my own.


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