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It’s Monday again and this week I’m happy to have an update with my weight loss. My Non-scale Victory– I fit into a shirt I haven’t worn since before my daughter! Not going to lie, I was pretty excited, I even had to double it up because it was a little too loose. In the word of Charlie Sheen… Winning! This past week and the upcoming one are super hectic, culminating in my son’s 3rd birthday party. I am trying not to stress eat, and if I do to reach for fruit instead of the animals crackers I bought for the kids.

This week on Mamavation TV we are talking about cravings. That is an area I use to struggle with a lot. Especially while “dieting” I found I wanted so many unhealthy things, it was ridiculous. One thing I have learned along the way, when you deny yourself something you will crave it even more and binge like your life depends on it. So how do I deal with cravings? If at all possible I try to find a healthy substitute. For example, I love lemon bars and no I don’t need anyone to tell me how fattening and loaded with sugar they are! When I am craving one I grab a Larabar. They have a lemon bar that is sweet and tasty enough to make me feel like I am treating myself, without all the extra junk. I also make it worth it. Go big or go home. If I want chocolate, I am not going to settle for a hershey bar. Nope, give me the Lindt. If I just want something junky, a nasty stale store bought cookie or donut is not what I go for. I will make myself a yummy junky food or I will go to a bakery and get something tasty. Since all those options cost more time or money I don’t do them as often, which saves me from binging.

What are some of the ways you deal with cravings?


*This post is sponsored by Dole and hosted by Mamavation – a community dedicated to obesity prevention & weight loss for women and I’m writing this to be entered into a giveaway*

7 Responses to Mamavation Monday- Dealing With Cravings

  1. Lydia says:

    So, I hate gum, but I’ve found in the last couple of weeks that it’s one of the only ways I can keep myself from grabbing something else to eat. It’s working so far. (And I loved your reference to Charlie Sheen’s “Winning.” Have you seen the song version? Makes me laugh every time:

  2. Resa says:

    I love your ideas on fighting cravings! Usually, I go for a bite or 2 of whatever I’m craving, but if it’s not available, I go for the gum or for a glass of water.

  3. Me? I suck at dealing with cravings, instead I try to counter it by over-exercising (truth). But I’d love to learn how to deal – do I ignore cravings or substitute?

  4. I loved your reference to Charlie Sheen’s “Winning.” . I go for a bite or 2 of whatever I’m craving.

  5. lorrie says:

    congrats on the success hope this week brings you more of those

  6. Evelyn Campos says:

    I eat nuts,fruits,and drink lots lots of water. Sometimes I add crystal light to my water! I have learned to control cravings this way!

  7. Craving are the sleeping dragon, a pain in the rear to get to sleep. Once the cravings are asleep everything is good, unless I indulge (without a craving) then they start up all over again. Viscous cycle, I will have to see if the Larabar is gluten free, because that sounds really good.

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