Coupons by Answers

Coupons by Answers


Have you ever searched online for coupon deals and had to use multiple websites? I just want one site that is reliable for not only big merchants but smaller ones as well. Or, maybe you had a question about a coupon or a store that the site could not or did not answer. Frustrating right? No need to get flustered anymore! New from, everyone’s favorite question and answer site is Coupons by

On the main page you can see the hottest and most popular coupons, hot deals, and recently asked questions. It is easy to find what you are looking for; Search by store, category, and sign up for local deals so you never miss out on a sale! Do you have a question? Submit it or if you have all the answers help someone else. If you are like me and happen to be very good about finding deals online, you can post your find and help others save money!

From Coupons by Answers:

Why are we launching our Coupons site? We have found that consumers frequently have questions about the stores and products they want to buy, as well as about the coupons they find. Our community of experts can answer a wide range of shopping-related questions, giving you more confidence that you are getting the most for your money.

 I searched for Home Depot and Lowes coupons because we are redoing our kitchen. And I figured since my husband does not know about my plans yet I should present him with the best deals possible! Coupons by Answers made it quick to compare the stores and even find related stores I had not even thought to check. Before you buy anything else online, check out Coupons by Answers and save yourself some time!


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*This post is sponsored by Coupons by Answers. Monetary compensation was received but that did not affect my opinions.*

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