The Lost Scrolls Review

The Lost Scrolls Review


Heading to the beach this summer or escaping on a plane to somewhere fun? The Lost Scrolls is the best companion to keep you entertained!

The Lost Scrolls is a fast paced historical fiction novel that keeps your hooked from start to finish. It is a book that you will not want to put down. I finished this book in one day, I did not want it to end! Action, adventure, mystery and more await you inside the covers of The Lost Scrolls.

“The fact something has never been found does not mean it never existed.”

Michael Scott starts off his writing with a prologue, but interestingly it is told from the point of view of two characters. After a stabbing and a strange key, you jump right into the story. The main character, Dr. Jonathon Munro, is a cross between Indiana Jones and a reluctant spy. Munro is skeptical that the New Testament scrolls found are even real. Nevertheless, he is sent off to find these scrolls before others can lay claim to them. As if trying to find ancient artifacts was not hard enough, Jonathon is also working alongside his ex girlfriend. This fuels a lot of trust issues and confrontations throughout the story.

There are a lot of character in this book but Scott does a great job keeping up with them. Their stories correlate to each other, and some in ways you would never expect. You are not handed all the details in one helping, which I love and respect in authors. There is just something about catching glimpses and having ah ha moments later on that just make me want to keep reading.

Michael Scott relays his story brilliantly. Characters, places, and details are clearly written, leaving the reader free to hold on and enjoy the ride. Scott blends fact and fiction together, prompting the reader to want to know more. I know I looked up the Egerton papyrus (gospel) and it is real. I don’t want to giveaway anymore about the book, just go pick it up you won’t be disappointed!

A note about the content itself. Some characters are very dangerous and their story lines could even be a little scary for certain readers. Colorful language is sprinkled throughout, which was something I wasn’t expecting but it was not so over the top that it made me uncomfortable. The Lost Scrolls is definitely not a complacent subdued Christian work of fiction.

If you are a reader who loves happily ever after, resolved endings you won’t find it here. The end is more bittersweet and open but that makes you want to read more. I cannot wait to read the next book and find out what else Dr. Jonathon Munro gets himself into! The Lost Scrolls will entertain historical lovers, adrenaline junkies, and the average reader alike.


For more about Michael and a look at his other novels visit his website and follow him on Twitter.

About Michael J. Scott:

Michael J. Scott is a Christ-following husband, father, preacher, teacher, poet, playwright and writer. He is the author of the Jefferson’s Road series, The Coppersmith, and The Lost Scrolls, a Christian action- adventure novel. He enjoys writing, reading, discussing politics, philosophy and religion, teaching, singing, martial arts, “Freestyle Kendo,” acting, cooking and shooting pool. He currently lives with his family near Rochester, New York


*I received a copy of The Lost Scrolls to read and review. Monetary compensation was received, the opinions are my own.*

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