Reestablishing Healthy Goals and a ZonePerfect Giveaway

Reestablishing Healthy Goals and a ZonePerfect Giveaway


Back in January I wrote a letter to myself, encouraging good habits and staying on track for my fitness goals in 2014:

Dear Ashley,

I know it was hard and sucked running so much and going to the gym a lot. You were tired, sore, and sometimes just plain stubborn. But look at you. No seriously, stop reading and look in the mirror. Hard work pays off. You wanted to tone up, you wanted to train for a half marathon and you did it. You persevered and stayed on track almost all the time. Hey we all fall off somedays. The important thing is you never gave up. Now that you’ve conquered this mountain it’s time to find another one. I know we can do it! 


Me/You however you’re suppose to end something like this….

 Pretty motivating words…maybe I should have remembered this letter to me prior to mid-August…

Let me give you an update on how all of that is going and what my motivation or lack there of is right now. 

I have slacked off considerably during these summer months. Other than occasionally making the gym, the once in a blue moon run, workouts as I knew them are nonexistent. I have done a lot of walking, swimming, and lifting heavy boxes as we purge all the stuff in our lives. So I guess that’s better than nothing. Between writing here, working for a conference happening in October that I’m also preparing my speech of, kids, husband, and life I find myself exhausted and not wanting to give up my couch at night. 

The funny thing is, I KNOW if I just made it to the gym, I would be fine, happy, every time I do make it I love it and feel great. But the knowledge and the body don’t like to cooperate. 

School is starting though, and with that comes a stricter routine which will help push me back into my workouts. This will be the first year both kiddos will be at school all day *tears* so there will no longer be the excuse to ditch running because I have to hurry to pickup little man.

Although my working out has been sporadic at best, my food intake has been great. Okay okay we did have Krispy Kreme donuts but I was on vacation and they were right. off. the. belt. mmmmmm

One of the things I always struggle with his the craving for desserts. Like all woman, there comes that time, ahem, once a month that I want what I want and I will hurt you if you try and stop me. I decided this summer, I wasn’t going to give in completely. I would find a substitute that would satisfy the craving without destroying my diet. ZonePerfect bars are perfect for all those gimmes! When I wanted chocolate, a dark chocolate protein bar was right for me. Something fruity? The greek yogurt bars hit the spot. I have always used their bars to keep as snacks for when I’m on the go but I never thought about treating myself with one. With a variety of flavors I’m sure you can find one for you. 

ZonePerfect giveaway, Reestablishing healthy goals

Another trick of mine this summer was watermelon. Delicious, refreshing, and sweet. I have been keeping watermelon chilled and ready to eat every time I had the urge to mindlessly munch in front of the TV. There are a lot of fun watermelon based recipes on Pinterest but it never lasts long enough around me to make something with it!

Now that I have confessed my shortcomings for all to see, I think it is time for a new letter. This one will be about how I plan to push myself to restart, recharge, and get through the end of this year on top of my goals. 

Dear Ashley,

Remember me? We were on FIRE for working out, feeling good, and looking amazing. I still think you are hot stuff but the laziness has got to go. School is starting soon and now it’s time to push yourself. With another vacation coming up and speaking engagements you want to look and feel your best. To get through the rest of your year, FOCUS, set tangible goals, and make your friends your accountability partners. We can do this! 

Love, Me

One Teachable Mommy fan will get a ZonePerfect prize pack, including protein bars, pedometer, portable phone charger, and more! 

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Disclosure: I am a blogger for the Blog Forward challenge with ZonePerfect. Although I was provided with free product for the purpose of this post, my opinions as always are my own.

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9 Responses to Reestablishing Healthy Goals and a ZonePerfect Giveaway

  1. Kathy says:

    This summer has been hard. I hit a routine at the end of the school year, but the final 2 weeks just gave me the worn-freakin’-out-blues and I just slacked. Getting back on track (after recovery of ankle) will be good. Trying to keep focused on Disney and loving every bit of it!

  2. Kristi says:

    The best way to stay motivated, is to be honest that it wont happen over night. Hard work takes time and effort. I workout every week, some days more than others and eat healthy and natural. Staying focused on my goal is to have overall health and wellness.

  3. Wendy says:

    I’ve not been motivated at all. Seriously. I’ve been thinking about getting moving again, does that count? :)

  4. I’ve been trying to walk more during my son’s football practices.

  5. I find that I have to check back in with myself often to stay on track. Zone bars and fruit sure help me with snacking.

  6. MJ Moore says:

    I’m more or less in survival mode till 2015- starting homeschooling my first-grader, pregnant with my third child and moving at an unknown point in the midst of it all! But I have a lot of support from family and friends, and I have a lot to look forward to,so staying positive isn’t too hard :)

  7. Zone Bars are great! I love the different flavors plus I can toss them in my purse for those times I know I’m going to want “something” and it’s the better choice.

    My favorites are the yogurt flavors, but I haven’t found one I wouldn’t eat.

    Reminds me to get some more from my supplier LOL And we do the same thing for watermelon, we keep a big container of it on hand for snacks.

  8. Karen D says:

    It’s hard because it’s been a rough year. Too many losses. Just keep telling myself to keep forward motion and things will improve.

  9. Stephanie says:

    I started out this year doing really well taking care of myself and losing weight but have really struggled keeping positive about it in the summer. However, my husband is now taking his health seriously and that make me know that I can get back on track too!

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