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10 Reasons Why I LOVE Summer it’s Finally Here!

10 Reasons Why I LOVE Summer it’s Finally Here!

Summer vacation is here. Finally. I mean could it have taken any longer? Sure we had a lot of snow days but it seemed like the school year would not end. Hmm I think I might even be a tad more thrilled about it than the kiddos. Some parents dread Summer, all the noise noise noise noise! Yes the kids are home, chaos ensues, and we are starting this summer off with a broken ballerina ankle. Poor kid. I’ll update on that later after our followup. Regardless of all that insanity, I LOVE Summer Break. 

Summer Vacation Love

1. 8:00am 

That might not seem like a significant time but if you’re a parent you know that sleeping in changes drastically after kids. I use to love 10:30am but now, if I see 8:00 on my bedside clock then I am a happy girl. 

2. Not Packing Lunches

It’s exhausting coming up with new lunch ideas and fun presentations. We all blog, instagram, and tweet out our special lunches but lets be real some days it’s just PB&J with a banana and carrots. 

3. Attire

Do I feel like putting on real clothes today? Nope? Well then jammies it is. After all who cares what you’re wearing when you’re just hanging out at the house.

4. Half the Laundry

I don’t know about your kids but my son comes home covered in his day. I mean whatever happened throughout his day ends up on his clothes. At home I can keep him mostly clean…mostly.

5. No Schedule

Quick ask me where I have to be Monday at 4? Wherever I want to be! Ah that feels great to say.

6. Bye Bye Sports

I love my kids’ being involved in sports. Staying active is important. However, I love the break that Summer allows. My nights and weekends are once again MY nights and weekends. 

7. Impromptu Trips

Going hand in hand with the no schedule point is this one. I love being spontaneous. School kinda puts a damper on it. But during the Summer if I want to jump in the truck and head down south I can or wherever else our imagination and gas tank take us. 

8. Less Stress

Might seem counter to what most parents feel about Summer. But for me without the schedules, sports, extra laundry, lunch packing, and being able to wakeup when I want to it sets my day up to be less stressful. 

9. Time with the kiddos

Okay here is the lovey part- I love the extra cuddles and time I get to spend with the kids. Having them around is the best, even when it’s not it is the best.

10. Fun

Above all we have a lot of FUN. I try to have fun all year but there is something extra special about FUN you don’t have to recover from the next day when you wake up early for school!

What is your favorite thing about Summer?

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