Jake and The Neverland Pirates Birthday Party

Jake and The Neverland Pirates Birthday Party We are pirate obsessed in this house! I have been a Pirate lover since the first time I ever rode Pirates of the Caribbean at Walt Disney World. When my first mate pirate son wanted a Jake and the Neverland Pirates Birthday Party I knew it was going to be a blast mateys.  As you enter the Pirate's lair, you find Captain Hook's desk. Watch out for that sneaky snook! A trip [more]

#FitMadeFun with the New LeapFrog LeapBands!

#FitMadeFun with the New LeapFrog LeapBands!I was chosen to host a Mommy Party from Mom Select featuring the new LeapFrog LeapBands and Clif Kid ZBars. I received the products for the purpose of the party. All opinions are my own. One of the many reasons I love LeapFrog is their commitment to learning and fun. No matter the product, the kids have a blast, learn something new, and are engaged enough to keep going back for [more]

Get Ready for Action in Disney's Big Hero 6!

Get Ready for Action in Disney's Big Hero 6! Big Hero 6 is the newest animated feature from Disney! Inspired by the Marvel comic of the same name, this movie promises to be full of action and a lot of laughs! I love that Marvel and Disney are coming together onscreen as never before. This movie will be perfect for all our superhero kids! In the movie, robotics prodigy Hiro Hamada needs to harness his genius. He couldn't do it [more]

Robin Williams, Depression, Me, & Laughing through the Pain

Robin Williams, Depression, Me, & Laughing through the PainLike the rest of the world, I was shocked and saddened by what happened to our beloved Robin Williams. A lot of my childhood laughs originated from one of his characters. My first memories of him was as Mork the quirky alien. Genie, Peter Pan, Mrs. Doubtfire, I could go on and on. As an adult The Birdcage is still one of my favorite comedies. Even though I never had [more]

Planes Fire and Rescue Review and Printables!

Planes Fire and Rescue Review and Printables! The family and I saw Planes Fire and Rescue in 3D a few nights ago. We are big fans of the first Planes, especially my little guy so you can imagine his excitement when I told him we were seeing Fire and Rescue! The movie starts with Dusty, fresh off his big win at Wings Across the World, taking on race after race. He is a phenomenon in the racing world, remember he [more]

Workouts For Busy Moms

Workouts For Busy Moms Most weeks I can make the gym regularly. Life likes to happen though so sometimes the gym is out of the question, unless I go at 6am and sorry I like my sleep too much for that. Because of those kinds of days I started to look for ways to get in some sort of exercise no matter what.  These workouts won't give you your ultimate mile time, best distance, or [more]

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Keep Your Kids Healthy With a Soothie Suckers Giveaway!

Keep Your Kids Healthy With a Soothie Suckers Giveaway!

Natural Remedies. I love them, I use them, and I preach their goodness to anyone who will listen. With cold and flue season rapidly approaching, we all need to stock up on the good stuff to keep our families healthy, happy, and in school! 

Soothie Suckers

Soothie Suckers are natural herbal supplements packed in ice pop pouches. My kids love them as ice pops, but they can also be drank in their liquid forms. They are available in 2 delicious flavors, grape and orange, to use daily or seasonally. Soothie Suckers are designed to help support the immune system and the upper respiratory system. 

The kids were happy to try out the Soothie Suckers. They couldn’t believe that Mommy had stuff to keep them healthy that was a dessert. Don’t worry Moms, it’s not really a dessert but to them it was! Both kiddos loved the flavors and my little one wanted me to pack them in his lunchbox for school! 

Soothie Suckers herbal supplement for kids

Soothie Suckers herbal supplements for kids

The husband my biggest kid used the Soothie Suckers when his allergies were bothering him. He chose to drink them down without freezing. My kids could not believe he couldn’t wait for them to freeze. Meanwhile he couldn’t stop sneezing and his eyes were watering. The Soothie Suckers helped to kick his allergy symptoms and now he sneaks them everyday!


For my West Coast friends, find them in Whole Foods and New Seasons in Portland and Seattle. Although Soothie Suckers are not in store here on the East Coast yet, you can buy them through their online store. For a limited time they are running a special with free shipping!

One Teachable Mommy Fan will Win 2 Boxes of Soothie Suckers!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

*This post is sponsored by Soothie Suckers. I received free products for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own.

Introducing Hometown Harvest!

Introducing Hometown Harvest!

Hometown Harvest is a blog sponsor, which means they are compensating me for posts, referrals, and sharing my experience with their services. As all always opinions are my own! As some of you may have seen on Facebook I was sharing how excited I was to introduce you all to Hometown Harvest. I am excited forContinue Reading

Organic Shopping on A Budget by Ashleigh Evans

Organic Shopping on A Budget by Ashleigh Evans

Organic Shopping on a Budget Hi everyone!  My name is Ashleigh and my blog is Being Cheap is Easy.  I love to share recipes and money saving tips.  I met Ashley at Bloggy Con last year and I am so honored to be guest posting here.  I am still a “going green” newbie and IContinue Reading

You Won’t Find GMOs in Stonyfield Yogurt!

You Won’t Find GMOs in Stonyfield Yogurt!

“Not all yogurt cups are created equal. Stonyfield is obsessively organic when it comes to the way we’ve made our yogurt for the past 30 years.” -Stonyfield Co-Founder & Chairman Gary Hirshberg. Not All Yogurt Cups Are Created Equal Stonyfield makes its certified organic and authentically strained Greek yogurt without the use of GMOs, toxicContinue Reading

Natural Allergy Remedies!

Natural Allergy Remedies!

I live in an area where allergies are bad. The pollen count is off the charts daily and people walk around in a haze of over the counter medicines that just do not seem to help. When we began living a more green and clean life I wanted to find ways to help relieve commonContinue Reading


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