Imagine a World of Possibilities in Disney's Tomorrowland | #Tomorrowland

Imagine a World of Possibilities in Disney's Tomorrowland | #TomorrowlandImagine a world  of possibilities. A world where nothing is impossible, dreamers and thinkers combine their talents to make an amazing place you and I can not fathom. Wanna go?Tomorrowland is that place. Once a beautiful idilic world, it now needs the help of Casey, an optimistic, curious, science loving teen and the somewhat grumpy, former boy-genius Frank. Bound together by a shared destiny they could not foresee, they embark [more]

Flying High on Dumbo at Disney Social Media Moms Celebration! | #DisneySMMC

Flying High on Dumbo at Disney Social Media Moms Celebration! | #DisneySMMCOne of the great opportunities we were given at Disney Social Media Moms Celebration was recording our families on a ride. We chose Dumbo, because for me it is one of those attractions I cannot miss when I go. I remember riding it as a little girl, waiting patiently in line because *gasp* there were no fast pass options back in the day! Yes my kids were shocked to hear [more]

Disney Social Media Moms Celebration- A Whole New World | #DisneySMMC

Disney Social Media Moms Celebration- A Whole New World | #DisneySMMCIt was still dark outside when the alarm went off, but I was already awake. The anticipation of the conference made it hard to sleep. I always get nervous before a trip home to Disney, but this was like that times 1 million. I know Walt Disney World, but this time it was different, a whole new world, a whole new way to experience it. What was it going to be [more]

Easy DIY Photo Canvas Project with my HP Envy #HPSmartMom

Easy DIY Photo Canvas Project with my HP Envy #HPSmartMomMother's Day is just around the corner. Deep breaths. If you haven't gotten anything special yet I have the perfect project for you. It is homemade, full of heart, guaranteed to be loved, and best of all easy to make! But you don't have to share that last part, I won't tell if you won't. This is also a great gift for Teacher Appreciation Week, Grandparents Day, or whatever you need [more]

Avengers Age Of Ultron is THE Movie to See!

Avengers Age Of Ultron is THE Movie to See!Are you ready to reunite with your favorite superheroes? *Cue theme music* Avengers Age of Ultron is the most anticipated movie of the year and for good reason. This movie is full of action, heart, and moments where you just have to smack your best friend on the arm and whisper did you see that?! Watch your language though. Captain is not a fan of potty mouths.From the start, we get caught [more]

How to Pack a Suitcase for Disney and Other Vacations | #DisneySMMC

How to Pack a Suitcase for Disney and Other Vacations | #DisneySMMCI get asked by family and friends how I manage to fit everything into our suitcases for vacations, specifically the Disney vacations. As I started packing up for Disney Social Media Moms Celebration I thought it would be a great time to share my how-to!Typically I only bring a carry-on and I fit everything into it. Shocking I know. Whether you are packing only a small bag or bringing the [more]

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Reforming Healthy Fitness Habits

#fitfluential healthy living and encouragment for all moms


This time last year I was the healthy, working out queen. I was in the gym 2-3 days a week, running 3 days a week, and my eating habits were stellar. Then I ran my first 5k and afterwards the running slacked off. I made the rookie mistake of not signing up for more races. Since I’m not prone to be a runner, it was something I had to be motivated to do. I was down to only 2 days a week in the gym without any running. But I pushed through and was still eating right. The came October and our trip to Disney World. We ate healthy and walked a lot, once we were back though I slacked off from the gym. I thought it was recovering from the magic but it was laziness. Pair all that with snow days and holidays and being “busy” and my workout queen status slipped to court jester. 

Enough is enough.

Reforming healthy fitness habits is not easy. A few weeks ago I committed to myself and to you that all that was going to change. We had more snow days and my husband was traveling so that delayed my start. Last week I finally got off my butt, put the excuses to the side, and did what I was determined to do: Two gym classes attended and three days of running with weights. Despite going out of town this week for my birthday celebration, I will get my 2 classes and 3 runs in ( or no celebratory wine!). Healthy habits can take a few weeks to form but once you push through the mental roadblocks, it will become easier and easier to keep yourself on track.

I had forgotten how great you feel after working out consistently. My mood was good, it helped me manage crazy stress levels, and I didn’t hate clothes shopping. That endorphin release is one of my favorite things about being active aside form the toning up and losing weight! When I feel like this after working out it makes me wonder why I ever stopped. Someone promise to remind me of this if I start complaining I don’t have time to workout again!

Next goal: get back to drinking more water!

What is your favorite side effect of working out?

Spring has Sprung, 5 Ways to Freshen Up Your Workout

Spring has Sprung, 5 Ways to Freshen Up Your Workout

Spring cleaning is usually associated with purging your house of extra clutter and scrubbing it down to rid yourself of all the germs.  I want to suggest that while you are reorganizing closets and freshening up, take time to look at your workout. Like any routine in our lives it can become stale, boring, orContinue Reading

Working Out No Matter What

I know I know, it’s been FOREVER since I updated you about how my healthy journey is going. Ok maybe not forever but it has been a few weeks. If you are a regular reader, and I hope you are, you have seen all the work I have been up to on the blog. AndContinue Reading

Mamavation Monday Week 2 Let’s Go

  Week 2 is starting off pretty rough. My plan today had been to come home, work a bit, hit the gym for a run then do mom stuff before Zumba tonight. Well that is not happening. Our truck decided to start acting funky, making me not want to drive it anymore. There goes myContinue Reading

Working Out and Race Training Begins

    This was suppose to be the day I restarted my race training and got myself back in the groove of working out like it’s a job. Since we got some sleet/freezing rain and nice icy roads school was closed today. That means no running. That sucks because I had the urge, momentum toContinue Reading


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