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5 Lessons Learned from being a Dance Mom

5 Lessons Learned from being a Dance Mom

Since October, our free time has been consumed by the Princess’ Ballet Company production of The Nutcracker. It all culminated in a jam packed, 5 shows weekend right before Christmas. I walked away from the experience with some new insight on myself and what it means to be a dance mom. I also learned how extremely unprepared I was to dive into this world.

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Now the Princess has been doing ballet since she was 3. This wasn’t our first performance by any means. But it was the first time every little detail was scrutinized and discussed. I was blown away and thought to myself, have I somehow wound up on that insane show Dance Moms? 

1. I need to step up my game in the hair category.

I can do a bun. Yes it took several years of haphazardly throwing her hair up to actually learn how to do a proper bun but I can do one. Silly me, I thought that’s all I needed to know. Buns, different types of bobby pins, curls, pony tails… I was on the verge of tears after getting stern looks about her not so ringlet curls. Then a mom pulled me aside and said “Just buy a hairpiece.” It was like the heavens opened up and the angels sang. She saved me from being shunned by the costume lady.

lessons learned from being a dance mom, dance mom funny, recital tips for new dance momsMaybe she’s born with it maybe it’s a hair clip.

2. A target bag is not an acceptable container of makeup and hair stuff. 

As I looked around at the ginormous beasts of makeup organizers I realized I was out gunned. I had one small makeup bag and the rest was thrown in a target bag. Shameful, I know. Organization is key, especially when you are digging to find “Cherries in the Snow” seconds before she needs to be on stage.

3. You can never have too many pins.

Safety, Bobby, you need them all. Go ahead and get different sizes, colors, and shapes too while you’re at it. Not only do you lose them seriously where do these things disappear to? but someone else might need one or two or twenty. Plus costumes malfunction all the time, that tiny gold safety pin just might save you from the costume police. Trust me. 

4. Be prepared for the extreme Dance Moms.

I liken these women to the dads who forget that little league is suppose to be fun and it is not the World Series. You can spot them easily from their furrowed brows to the way they walk across the room with that superior air about them. Whatever you do, try not to ask them anything. Not even where the bathroom is located. Nothing. They are not interested in helping you only in judging your non-sewing skills and how many fly-aways your kid’s bun has. 

5. Always be willing to help the new mom. 

These amazing women counteract the evils of number 4. I was the new mom, feeling the pressure to get everything perfect. Without the guidance, support, and love from the veteran moms I would still be trying to curl her hair, sobbing as I failed miserably. Thank You Kind Moms for helping me survive our first Nutcracker. I will see you next year, hair piece and makeup holder at the ready. 

lessons learned from being a dance mom, dance mom funny, recital tips for new dance momsIn the end who cares if everything isn’t “perfect?” My angel was adorable and did an amazing job, as did all the other kids. Take my advice, just do your best and enjoy this moment in time!


Have you had an encounter with an extreme sport parent? 

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