Strange Magic Free Printables and More! #StrangeMagic

Strange Magic Free Printables and More! #StrangeMagic Strange Magic is a refreshing and fun new family film from George Lucas, yes that George Lucas! Journey to a musical world filled with fairies, goblins, elves and imps, inspired by "A Midsummer Night's Dream." Join in all their misadventures as they battle each other over a powerful potion. Enter into their magical forest and learn how we should not judge someone by the way he or she looks. The inside [more]

Get healthy with Mercola & Giveaway!

Get healthy with Mercola & Giveaway!Whenever a new year comes around getting healthy seems to be the top goal for everyone. I have been on this journey for awhile. Like you, I have great days and not so great days...sometimes you just have to eat the donut! One thing I always do is honestly evaluate my efforts at the end of the week. Then I have that heart to heart with myself, you really should drink [more]

Time to Rock Our DisneySide in 2015! #DisneySide

Time to Rock Our DisneySide in 2015! #DisneySideLast year I was selected to host a DisneySide @ Home Celebration and it was a blast! All the guests had an awesome time sharing their love of all things Disney and of course rocking their #DisneySide! When the opportunity came up again to apply to host I naturally jumped on it. Getting the email saying I was hosting again was the most magical way to start any Monday!   The kids [more]

Do Laundry the Natural Way with Molly's Suds

Do Laundry the Natural Way with Molly's SudsLaundry. You know, the synonym for endless. An ever present enemy to any household. You get the idea. But did you also know that there are toxins lurking in your laundry room? Your typical detergent, softener, and dryer sheets contain harsh chemicals, carcinogens, GMOs, and other nasties. If one of your resolutions is to green your life and live better, making the switch to natural laundry care products  is one [more]

Disney On Ice Presents Worlds of Fantasy! Enter to Win Tickets!

Disney On Ice Presents Worlds of Fantasy! Enter to Win Tickets!Disney On Ice is an amazing experience for the whole family! We had our first experience a few months ago at the Disney On Ice presents Frozen! The kids loved seeing all their favorite characters skate around to awesome routines. And this big kid enjoyed everything about it, the music, the moves, and the production of it all. You are transported into the magic! If you are in the Washington DC metro [more]

5 Lessons Learned from being a Dance Mom

5 Lessons Learned from being a Dance MomSince October, our free time has been consumed by the Princess' Ballet Company production of The Nutcracker. It all culminated in a jam packed, 5 shows weekend right before Christmas. I walked away from the experience with some new insight on myself and what it means to be a dance mom. I also learned how extremely unprepared I was to dive into this world. Now the Princess has been doing ballet [more]

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Keep The Family Healthy with Nordic Naturals!

Keep The Family Healthy with Nordic Naturals!

As cold and flu season approaches I know all my parent friends are stressing themselves to keep their families healthy. I get asked a lot how my kids make it through this time of year unscathed for the most part. One of my favorite tricks in my arsenal are Nordic Naturals multivitamins and Omega-3 daily supplements.

nordic naturals vitamins for the whole family! nongmo

My kids love the Nordic Berries and Omega-3 Gummy Fish. They do not let me forget that they need their vitamins for the day! It’s a nice switch from the pouts of why do we have to take these? I’m happy they want to take their Nordic Naturals. Omega-3 is essential for their optimal health and most children do not get enough. 

Do you want to know a secret? These may look like and be sold with kid vitamins but adults can take them too! That’s right! No more boring, bland, adult vitamins. Go ahead and enjoy your preventative health measures again! Oh and we need Omega-3 too so this is a perfect way to get it, especially if you are not a fan of fish. 

nordic naturals vitamins for the whole family! nongmoHappy vitamins! Okay, corny I know but I couldn’t help myself!

Nordic Naturals have a great tart taste without any bitterness. Their fish oil is high quality and the way they make the vitamins prevents that nasty fish oil after taste others have.  

Nordic Naturals

We have been fans of Nordic Naturals for awhile. When I heard part of the team would be attending ShiftCon as well I could not wait to meet them. Talking with the group, I was able to hear first hand what makes Nordic Naturals different from other “natural” vitamins out there. We love Nordic Naturals for many reasons and I know you will too. 

The entire process that goes into making the Nordic Naturals product line is one that focuses on the health of the consumer and the environment. Nordic Naturals are Non-GMO, taste great, natural, made with freshest fish oil in the world, and they do all this great work using sustainable manufacturing

You can find Nordic Naturals at Whole Foods, Wegmans, Amazon, and other retailers

For a complete list of products available visit Nordic Naturals and connect with them on Facebook and Twitter


Note: That is not to say we do not ever get sick. When we do, which is typically only 2x a year, it never lasts very long and we are back to 100% the next day. I attribute our bounce back rate to a healthy lifestyle. Taking a daily multivitamin is a crucial part of that lifestyle. I’m not a doctor but I know our results! Most Americans take a supplement of some sort; why not take one that is free of all the processed junk and is 100% good for you? 

I received free product for the purpose of this post. All opinions are my own.

Superfoods and Super Nutrition from Bonga Foods

Superfoods and Super Nutrition from Bonga Foods

  Bonga Foods are Superfood products packed with super nutrition! Their secret is the Baoba fruit which is packed with vitamin C, fiber, electrolytes and more. Currently they offer two types of products: the superfood chews and the superfood powder. Either way you choose, you are getting a great dose of super! Not only are they packedContinue Reading

Good2Grow Juice Blends for Kids!

Good2Grow Juice Blends for Kids!

When I give my kids a tasty treat I want to make sure it is also good for them. Recently, the kids spotted these new juice drinks and they HAD to try them. I think the Disney characters on top lured them in! After reading the label, I decided to give these new juices aContinue Reading

My Interview with Nutrition Expert Pam Nisevich Bede

My Interview with Nutrition Expert Pam Nisevich Bede

Have you ever wanted to sit down and ask a nutritionist anything and everything that comes to mind? I know I have. Well, I finally got the chance, and I made sure to ask questions both you and I wanted to know.   Recently, I was able to interview Pam Nisevich Bede, a nutrition expert.Continue Reading

Organic Shopping on A Budget by Ashleigh Evans

Organic Shopping on A Budget by Ashleigh Evans

Organic Shopping on a Budget Hi everyone!  My name is Ashleigh and my blog is Being Cheap is Easy.  I love to share recipes and money saving tips.  I met Ashley at Bloggy Con last year and I am so honored to be guest posting here.  I am still a “going green” newbie and IContinue Reading


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