PlayYourCourt Discount, Kid Tennis Lessons Discount

When I was growing up, I played a lot of sports. One of my favorites was tennis. I was really good, not bragging but I did win almost every game I played! My serve was my greatest asset, just ask my poor husband when he plays against me! I always wished I could have played more though, it was so much fun but where we lived there wasn’t a trainer anywhere nearby. As an adult, I still enjoy the game and the kiddos are picking up their rackets and playing too. Tennis is a great sport for kids. They can learn teamwork, meet new friends, and have a blast doing it. Not only is it a good workout but their fine motor skills are honed. 

PlayYourCourt Discount, Kid Tennis Lessons Discount

If anyone in your family is a tennis player then you will be pumped for PlayYourCourt.


PlayYourCourt is a better way to take tennis lessons. With PlayYourCourt, the pros come to you! Which is great if you are in a place like I grew up and you do not have the time or the membership to go to a far away club. It is convenient, affordable, and they work with ages 4 and up!

PlayYourCourt Discount, Kid Tennis Lessons Discount

How does it work?

First step is to visit PlayYourCourt and enter your zip-code. Then it will ask who the lesson is for, skill level, and goals of the lessons. Choose to book over the phone or online. 

You will then receive a list of recommended Tennis Pros for your lessons. Their photos, qualifications, rates, and full profiles are included. Once you decide on a Pro, choose your location or if you are unsure of a good court you can request the instructor to suggest one. That’s it, you are all set for your first lesson with your Pro on the court of your choosing. Easy right? I wish PlayYourCourt was around when I was growing up!

For other FAQ’s like inclement weather, group classes, and more visit PlayYourCourt

PlayYourCourt Discount, Kid Tennis Lessons Discount

Sign up today and for being aTeachable Mommy reader Receive $10 off your first lesson with the code “TEACHABLEMOMMY”

PlayYourCourt Discount, Kid Tennis Lessons Discount

Do you or anyone in your family enjoy playing tennis? 


This post is sponsored by Global Influence. All opinions are my own.

The Color Run 2015 Shine Tour, The Color Run 2015 race giveaway

Last year I ran my first race with The Color Run, and it became one of my favorite 5Ks. The husband had never raced with me before or ever really so I dragged him along. Nothing says quality time like color everywhere!

Both the pre and post race activities are fun too. Everyone is buzzing with energy, clean, and anticipating the fun to be had. It is one of the few races I have ever been involved with where all the participants have great time. Post race includes more activities, more awesomeness, and of course more color.

Who says fitness as to be boring?

In 2015 The Color Run, also known as the Happiest 5k on the Planet, is back with the Shine Tour! 

The Color Run 2015 Shine Tour, The Color Run 2015 race giveaway

The Color Run celebrates healthiness, happiness and individuality.  Their races are fun for the whole family whether you are a marathon runner or someone who speed walks on the treadmill.

They are shining up the 5k course and finish festival too! Look for a unique Sparkle Zone and killer photo ops on the course. At the finish festival, get ready for confetti cannons, shimmering clouds of color, and more!

Here’s a look at all the Shine coming your way during The Color Run!

See where the Shine Tour is coming near you. 

If your city isn’t open yet, sign up for the VIP list at the bottom of the events page. VIPs will be the first to know dates PLUS get exclusive pre-sale pricing. Join the VIP list now to be first in line! 

The Color Run 2015 Shine Tour, The Color Run 2015 race giveaway

Everyone in 2015 will receive a limited edition Shine Tour Participant Kit, including: custom race tee, gold finisher’s medal, tricolor headband w/ silver stitching, brand-new shine packet, and shiny tattoos! 

The Color Run 2015 Shine Tour, The Color Run 2015 race giveaway

One lucky reader will receive a FREE race entry to the city of their choice!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

This post is sponsored by The Color Run. I received a free entry into a race for this post. All opinions are my own. 

Workout tips for moms, workouts you can do at home, workouts for moms and kids, fitting in fitness as a mom

Workout tips for moms, workouts you can do at home, workouts for moms and kids, fitting in fitness as a mom

Most weeks I can make the gym regularly. Life likes to happen though so sometimes the gym is out of the question, unless I go at 6am and sorry I like my sleep too much for that. Because of those kinds of days I started to look for ways to get in some sort of exercise no matter what. 

These workouts won’t give you your ultimate mile time, best distance, or even be the most grueling workout ever. What these workouts lack in that they make up for in spending time with your kids, getting the whole family active, and anything is better than sitting on the couch doing nothing. Right?

1. Take the kids for a run

Kid activities, Workout tips for moms, workouts you can do at home, workouts for moms and kids, fitting in fitness as a mom

Sure it is more like a fast walk for you but you will still cover some ground, get in your steps, and burn calories. Side note: this is also a fantastic way to wear them out for nap/bedtime. Not that I would know or anything…

2. Head to the playground and participate

Yes I said participate. No that doesn’t include Instagraming the sunlight shining on your kid’s hair perfectly. We all read that a article about being the mom on their phone at the park. Well stick it to her and everyone else. Get on the swings, slide down the slides if you can fit, they seem to be smaller than I remember or play tag. You will remember how much you loved this as a kid, your kids will love having fun with you, and if you promise not to break something go ahead and show them how to jump off a moving swing.

3. Play video games

Wait isn’t that a couch activity? Not if you’re playing Wii Sports or one of the dance games. You are up, moving, albeit awkwardly, and a little competitive spirit never hurt anyone.

4. Go to a bounce house or a pool

Kid activities, Workout tips for moms, workouts you can do at home, workouts for moms and kids, fitting in fitness as a mom


You can’t tell by the picture but I’m exhausted from climbing up those tiny stairs a million times!

If you haven’t been in a moon bounce or trampoline playhouse yet, you are missing out! Parents get to play with the kids and it’s awesome. You are never too old for bouncing. Pools are great for the same reason, everyone can join. That means no laying on the chair sunbathing. You will still get sun in the pool too. Swimming is also one of the best exercises out there, especially if you have joint issues. 

5. Turn boring chores like laundry and vacuuming into a workout. 

They suck and you have to do them, why not get something out of them? Do squats with the never empty laundry baskets, make it harder by trying to lift them with the kids hiding in them. I like to do lunges when I vacuum, tone my glutes and quads and get all those crumbs at the same time. 

Do you have another way to get in fitness no matter where you are? I would love to hear it!

Color Me Rad

I had no idea a year ago that I would be running another race, let alone 2. And definitely not within 2 weeks of each other. But hey what can I say, I like to push boundaries including my own. 


Color Me Rad

Since running my race 2 weekends ago, I slacked off. I have not ran at all since then. Although I have been at Zumba and body works, not a total slacker but still. Anyone else relate? After completing something you’ve worked hard to train for you feel like ehhh I can skip the next few runs. And they the next few runs turns into all of them until you sign up for another race…

Maybe that is why people always sign up for race after race. That is my plan for this year, to sign up for several races. I had not planned to race 2 practically back to back but that’s just how it worked out. Now I am looking for my next race: any thoughts? I really like themed races, I do a lot better when I feel like I’m having fun and not just hitting the pavement for 3 miles. 

This weekend I will be at The Color Run #Happiest5K  in DC. If you are local and planning on being around  tweet me @Irishred02 or you can follow along my race day adventures and see if I also run this whole thing. That’s my goal anyways! 

The Color Run #Happiest5K Discount Code Included

Have you ever ran The Color Run? Or what other theme race do you like? I need the help staying motivated!!

As I’m getting ready for my first race of the season- happening tomorrow yikes- I thought it would be a good time to revisit my wisdom from this post: Running Tips and Tricks. When I wrote this one, I was an idealist. I was training for my first 5K and I thought I had a grasp on all things running. I had done the research, chatted with marathon loving friends so I was good to go. Hah. Hah. Hah. Not to say the advice I shared wasn’t worthy of mentioning, it was great advice. But now that I have experienced a race or two, and continued to run, stopped running, and started again I feel like I have more to share for any would be runners out there. Or for any wannabes like me who dress the part but probably look like a running elephant next to their gazelle counterparts – yeah I’m looking at your Evelyn!

For time purposes I’m using the same picture. Oh stop judging, you;re lucky there is a picture at all…you should have been in my shoes this week! 

Running Tips and Tricks, Running for newbies



Here you go, me expanding on my original 6 points of awesome running tips.

  • I knew posture was important but let’s talk about your STRIDE. I had no idea you can have too long or too short of a stride. Umm basically I can’t even walk correctly- perfect. This problem can lead to knee issues, heel issues, etc. If you can, find a running store that can measure your stride and tell you if it is correct or not. You’ll only be embarrassed for the moment, unless you write about it online like I’m doing now.
  • Running alone is not fun- at least for me. I am less motivated to run if I am only relying on myself. Get a RUNNING BUDDY or group. 
  • Going back to the elephant statement, you might feel like one but don’t sound like one. A good run is QUIET and SPRINGY not stompy and loud. If you feel like you can’t be quiet then maybe let up on yourself and take your training more slowly. Rome wasn’t built in a day. 
  • What you put into your body during training and on the actual race day matters. Your DIET is a crucial component to achieving your running goals. Don’t eat anything processed or heavy. I like greek yogurt with fresh fruit or peanut butter and bananas. No one wants to vomit on race day so skip anything from that fast food restaurant you passed on the way to venue.
  • Don’t be too hard on yourself. Unless you are training for the olympics you don’t need to finish in the top 5 of your race. DO YOUR BEST and don’t even pay attention to anyone who hates on you for it. After all you are running laps around all of them sitting on the couch.


Do you have a trick to add? And you can watch my twitter @irishred02 for updates on my Color Me Rad race – yeah yeah I’m still doing 5Ks but hey a race is a race and a mile is a mile so hush. I will make it to a half marathon one of these days!

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