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Medikidz Comic Book Launch

When I was in middle school, I was diagnosed with asthma. I am thankfully asthma free now but it was a scary time as a kid. I also know of other friends who had it so bad they couldn’t be very active at all for fear it could every hurt them. 

I remember going through this and not really knowing what was happening to me or why. My parents also did not have many resources and this was before the Google thing became so popular 😉 

When I heard about this new initiative from AANMA I knew I had to share. This would have come in handy for my middle school self! Readers who are local to Washington DC you have to check this out!

Medikidz Comic Book Launch

On Fri., May 8, the Allergy & Asthma Network Mothers of Asthmatics (AANMA) – in partnership with Medikidz USA and Meda Pharmaceuticals – will launch the first in a three-part comic book series, furthering their commitment to educational efforts that support the asthma community. Register for this FREE event 

The MediKidz superheroes are experts in health and illness, and their mission is to teach children about their body and how illness affects it. The comic book format allows parent to have a fun, engaging discussion with their children about their disease, the causes and triggers. As part of Meda’s ongoing commitment to the asthma community, “Medikidz Explain Asthma” is the first in a three-part series of educational comic books aimed at educating and engaging parents and their children.

Medikidz Comic Book Launch


I have previewed the new comics and they are fun and educational. My kids loved these new superheroes and it opened the door to talk to about asthma with them, and signs to look for if they should ever feel as if an attack was happening. We cannot wait to see what else the Medikidz Heroes will get into in the upcoming issues!

For more info about Medikidz visit their website and connect with them on Facebook and Twitter

Visionworks eye health, Visionworks giveaway, visionworks giftcard

I love sunglasses.

This love affair probably started somewhere in Kindergarten with my first Minnie Mouse shades. Since then I have gone through many pairs. Some more trendy than others. My favorite accessory isn’t just a want for me, it is a need. 

As a pale skinned, light eyed redhead, protecting myself from the sun isn’t just a good habit to have it can make the difference in a good day and a burnt day. Even on overcast days, I wear sunglasses. My eyes are sensitive to light and if I head out without my favorite glasses, migraines will ensue. Not cool.

Visionworks eye health, Visionworks giveaway, visionworks giftcard

I have been eyeing polarized glasses for years! I can say that these rock at shielding my eyes from the sun. And they look good too!

With Spring finally here and Summer coming around the corner it is important we think about taking care of our bodies by guarding them from the sun. Just like daily sunscreen use and lip balms shield our skins, our eyes shouldn’t be left to their own defenses. At Visionworks you can find a wide variety of stylish glasses that not only look good but keep your eyes  protected from sun damage. 

Visionworks eye health, Visionworks giveaway, visionworks giftcard


Don’t just take my word for it. Visionworks’ VP of Professional Services, Dr. Florian Safner shares about the importance of wearing sunglasses year round:

Protecting your skin from the sun’s damaging rays is important, but too often people overlook the risks of the sun’s damaging effects on their eyes. UV light is a known causative agent in the development of skin cancer, but did you know approximately 5-10% of all skin cancers occur on the eyelids and the delicate tissue surrounding the eyes? Along with skin cancer, UV light is also a contributor in the development of cataracts. Another of the sun’s damaging rays, High Energy Visible (HEV) light, is cited as a major contributor in the development of macular degeneration.

The same advice for protecting your skin holds true for protecting your eyes from the sun. Limit your exposure to the sun. When outside wear a broad brimmed hat to deflect the sun’s rays away from your face and eyes and always wear sunglasses. Sunglasses are more than just a fashion accessory, they are also an important part of your defense against solar effects on your eyes.

Finally an excuse to buy those new glasses you’ve been eyeing! Seriously though, protect your eyes like you would your skin from the sun. If that protection happens to take the shape of designer shades I won’t judge you. In fact I will probably ask where I can find a pair. 

Vision works eye health, Visionworks giveaway, vision works gift card, Kate Spade sunglasses

One fan will win a $99 gift card to use at Visionworks! 

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This post is sponsored by Visionworks. I received free product for the purpose of this post. All opinions are my own.

Spring into Health with Stonyfield Greek and Chia, Greek and Chia yogurt, organic chia yogurt, #StonyfieldBlogger

Spring is officially here, even after an unexpected snow day! Everyone is coming out of hibernation ready to be active again. For me this means I can finally get outside to run again, I just don’t like the treadmill. Regardless of your plan for fitness this Spring, Stonyfield has the perfect companion to help you reach your goals. 

Spring into Health with Stonyfield Greek and Chia, Greek and Chia yogurt, organic chia yogurt, #StonyfieldBlogger

Stonyfield Greek and Chia is my new favorite food. Smooth, delicious, and filling, the Greek and Chia blends are helping me to stay on track with my personal health goals for 2015. It is available in 4 flavors- Blood Orange, Pear, Blueberry, and my favorite Red Berries. This Greek Yogurt is organic creamy goodness now with the added boost of all Chia Seeds have to offer.  

I know some of you are thinking about Chia Pets. Maybe even singing the song, no worries I do that too. Yes these are those Chia Seeds, don’t freak out. They aren’t weird and you won’t grow green sprouted hair if you eat them. Pinky promise. If my kids love them you will too. Remember what your mother said how do you know you don’t like it if you haven’t tried it yet? Wisdom.

Chia Seeds are starting to show up everywhere, with good reason too. Chia Seeds are packed with protein, Omega-3, dietary fibre, and health benefits ranging from bone health to fighting off belly fat. 

Spring into Health with Stonyfield Greek and Chia, Greek and Chia yogurt, organic chia yogurt, #StonyfieldBlogger


I love to snack on these while I work!

I eat Stonyfield Greek and Chia almost everyday it is perfect for anytime hunger strikes:

  • Breakfast
  • Post Workout
  • Parfait with organic fruits
  • Base for my smoothies
  • In my Greek Yogurt Pancake recipe

Find Stonyfield Greek + Chia at Whole Foods, Super Targets, Natural Grocers and other retailers near you.

Which Stonyfield Greek and Chia flavor do you want to try first?

I am a Stonyfield Blogger. All opinions are my own.

Rock Recovery

When I was younger I went through a lot of turmoil. One of the side effects of this was developing an eating disorder. At the time I didn’t know what to call it and I definitely did not have any one trying to stop me. In fact it was the opposite, I was getting complimented on how thin I was becoming. Thankfully I out stubborned myself and sought help. Today I try to be conscious of how I speak to others and myself about body images and health.

Especially with a young daughter, I do not want her to grow up with that weight on her shoulders, trying to be “perfect.” 

Rock Recovery, Healthy Body Image, Body Image Disorder, Help for Eating Disorders, #IHadNoIdea

I recently attended an informative brunch hosted by Rock Recovery, a local organization that supports the journey to freedom from disordered eating by providing services that are accessible to individuals & by empowering through community education. They hold workshops, events, as well as  individual and community based programs to achieve that goal of freedom. 

Rock Recovery makes it possible for clients to pursue recovery without giving up their daily life. With support systems, education, and the feeling of belonging, this organization knows how to reach people where they are and help them move forward in a positive way. 

Rock Recovery

Even though I am actively involved in the health and wellness community I sat there shocked by what I was hearing. I truly had no idea how high the statistics are for eating disorders. My problems came out of my mental state at the time. Now years later, doctors are finally seeing the relationship between your mental health and your body image. 

Every BODY is Different  

  • 46% of children ages 9-11 are on some sort of diet (what?!)
  • 20 million women & 10 million men will have an eating disorder
  • Eating disorders are now classified as mental illnesses

The most empowering aspect of attending that event was when we all came together to brainstorm how to help those around us and in our circle of influence promote healthy body images. It starts with our words. How are we speaking or writing about others, ourselves? As a community of media representatives we need to counteract all the unrealistic body expectations in society. If we as women and men can change our attitudes and speech when it comes to body image then we can make a difference in the lives of our children and those around us. 

Speak life and positivity, encouraging confidence and self-esteeem. 

I know I will be more careful about what I say and how I say it when it comes to discussing health with you all. How do you think you can make a difference in your sphere of influence?

For more information about Rock Recovery connect with them on Facebook and Twitter.

Organic Valley Protein Shakes, Organic Valley giveaway, #Savethebros, Organic Balance protein shake, natural health products,

Whether I am on the go running errands or I pushed myself at the gym, I need a protein shake that can help me keep going through my day. The issue I have always had with protein, meal-on-the-go type drinks are the taste, texture, and all the chemical, unpronounceable ingredients that are inside of it. All I wanted was something that would taste like a milkshake and do my body a solid by being healthy and organic. 

The good people at Organic Valley heard my plea. Okay not really but they must have picked up on the vibes I was sending out. Organic Valley Protein Shakes, Organic Valley giveaway, #Savethebros, Organic Balance protein shake, natural health products,

The new Organic Valley Protein Shakes Organic Balance and Organic Fuel are taking protein shakes to a new level. They are not only yummy but they are good for you too, packed with protein and other essentials your body needs.

Organic Valley’s protein shakes do not have the grittiness, bland aftertaste, or chalkiness you find with other shakes. To me they are a creamy, delicious treat that also happens to be great for my body. That is a win-win for sure.

Like all Organic Valley products, Organic Balance and Organic Fuel are made without the use of GMOs, antibiotics, synthetic hormones, toxic pesticides or artificial sweeteners.

Organic Valley Protein Shakes, Organic Valley giveaway, #Savethebros, Organic Balance protein shake, natural health products,

Organic Balance is the perfect meal-on-the go shake. Made with only 9 high-quality ingredients, 16g of organic milk protein, and 50% of your daily intake of calcium.

I use Organic Balance for my days when I do not have time for breakfast or lunch. It has become my must have for any day I have to substitute teach or run a million errands for this family of mine! When I first sampled these products at ShiftCon last year I fell in love. I had been searching for a healthy protein shake that did not have a weird taste or texture. These were the solution to my problem. Finally I could enjoy the benefits of a protein shake and actually enjoy drinking it at the same time!

Organic Valley Protein Shakes, Organic Valley giveaway, #Savethebros, Organic Balance protein shake, natural health products,

Organic Fuel is your post-workout best friends. With an optimal mix of protein, carbs and fats, it helps to restore glycogen levels while building and repairing muscle. It is made with 26g of high quality whey and casein proteins (which occur naturally in organic milk). With Organic Fuel you are getting all the essential and branch chain amino acids  necessary to increase protein synthesis. And all that helps your body to recover faster, feel less sore the next day, and make sure your body is performing at its peak.

Not only do I use Organic Fuel post workout but if I am having an insane day with no opportunity to take a break, I will take one of these with me. For example, as a field trip chaperone. I don’t have time to chew if I am keeping my eyes on a group of 5 year old boys! Why do they insist on running in opposite directions? 

Organic Valley Protein Shakes, Organic Valley giveaway, #Savethebros, Organic Balance protein shake, natural health products,

On a more serious note, Bros need our help. Learn how you can #SaveTheBros. With a little intervention we can keep the Bro colony from extinction. 


Ready to try these new Organic Valley protein shakes? 
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This post is sponsored by Organic Valley. All opinions are my own.

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