Advice from Kids

Advice from KidsYou're going to laugh at me for this one. I was playing the Inside Out game on my phone and could not get past this one level- 133. I even looked up the youtube video on how to beat it. Shameful I know. It was so bad and after a week of being unable to free all the workers, I was ready to stop playing. My cheerleaders however had other [more]

Organic Vanilla Strawberry Frozen Yogurt!

Organic Vanilla Strawberry Frozen Yogurt!We are officially the coolest house on the block this summer thanks to Stonyfield and Yaylabs! Ice Cream Ball!Yaylabs! SoftShell Ice Cream BallTM allows us to make tasty ice cream or in this case frozen yogurt, anywhere and anytime! With a few simple ingredients we can have our treats without all the preservatives and additives of conventional ice cream! Yaylabs! includes a basic recipe book inside their products. I based my [more]

Ant-Man Packs Big Action and Fun! #AntMan

Ant-Man Packs Big Action and Fun! #AntManAnt-Man packs big action and fun! I was excited to be able to screen the movie while I was in New York City. It was only made better by the fact that Ant-Man himself, Paul Rudd, was there! You guys have no idea how cool that was for me as a fan of his since Clueless, plus my kids couldn't believe that Ant-Man was at Ant-Man! I went into the movie [more]

Meet the Clangers, New on Sprout

Meet the Clangers, New on Sprout“​This is a sponsored post in collaboration with “Clangers”and Coolabi. All opinions are my own.”Meet the Clangers, new on Sprout! They are an adorable, unique little family who live in space. These creatures are loving, supportive, curious, and kind. Clangers enjoy problem solving, celebrating diversity, working together, and being curious. William Shatner, as the narrator, takes us along on their daily adventures. The Clangers is a refreshing, unique show that reminds me [more]

My Summer Vacation Tips To Be Ready for Anything

My Summer Vacation Tips To Be Ready for AnythingSummer is in full swing at my house. The days are long, hot, and we are trying to have as much as possible, despite seeing school supplies creeping back into the stores! I try to make Summer an accident free time of year. No time of year is ideal for injuries but I think we can agree that Summer is pretty bad. I'm sharing my Summer vacation tips to be [more]

When Did It Start For You? #WDIS4U #DisneySMMC

When Did It Start For You? #WDIS4U #DisneySMMCAt Disney Social Media Moms Celebration, we watched a video from D23 showing people sharing their answers to the question- When Did It Start For You? I get asked a lot: have I always been so into Disney? The answer is yes! Thinking back I remember hugging on a stuffed Mickey while watching VHS tapes with the old castle logo and music that started each movie. I memorized the songs and performed [more]

Show Your #DisneySide with these DIY Centerpieces!

Show Your #DisneySide with these DIY Centerpieces!

We are super excited to be hosting another DisneySide @ Home Celebration Party this year! I love planning out these parties they are so much fun!  To inspire your DIY DisneySide I am sharing a video the kids and I made showing how to make a few centerpieces and decor items for your party. A bigContinue Reading

Our Healthy Family Resolutions #StonyfieldBlogger

Our Healthy Family Resolutions #StonyfieldBlogger

Making New Years Resolutions does not have to be just about the adults in the family. You are more likely to succeed when you have a support system. What better group to help you out than your family?So, this year we are making Healthy Family Resolutions! We have 4 family goals for 2015!  Try NewContinue Reading

Safety and Security with Master Lock #MasterLockProtects

Safety and Security with Master Lock #MasterLockProtects

When it comes to security, we are always trying to do our best. Whether it’s teaching children our phone numbers or trying to keep everyone’s valuables safe on vacation, it is a priority.  Master Lock is a company that understands that completely. Since 1921 they have provided security solutions for the home, school, office, automotive,Continue Reading

Monster Jam is Big Fun For the Whole Family

Monster Jam is Big Fun For the Whole Family

Monster Jam is big fun for the whole family! The new 2015 show is packed with bigger jumps and more surprised than ever before!  The kids have seen Monster Trucks before but never like this. From start to finish their eyes were glued but not so much their bottoms. My son kept jumping up toContinue Reading

Strange Magic Free Printables and More! #StrangeMagic

Strange Magic Free Printables and More! #StrangeMagic

Strange Magic is a refreshing and fun new family film from George Lucas, yes that George Lucas! Journey to a musical world filled with fairies, goblins, elves and imps, inspired by “A Midsummer Night’s Dream.” Join in all their misadventures as they battle each other over a powerful potion. Enter into their magical forest and learnContinue Reading


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