Win Tickets to Disney On Ice 100 Years of Magic!

Win Tickets to Disney On Ice 100 Years of Magic!Did you know Disney On Ice is celebrating 100 Years of Magic this year? It is so exciting! All of your favorite Disney characters are taking the ice for a very special show. I'm thrilled to offer a chance for you to win tickets to Disney On Ice 100 Years of Magic!We love Disney On Ice shows! Celebrate the legacy of Disney in this ice skating spectacular as Mouse-ter of Ceremonies [more]

Interactive Fun with LeapPad Platinum and Imagicard!

Interactive Fun with LeapPad Platinum and Imagicard!As I shared in my post about the LeapFrog Word Whammer, getting kids excited about learning can be challenging. Thank goodness for LeapFrog, who makes it easy with all their fun, educational toys! My daughter's most treasured gadget is her LeapFrog LeapPad. I'm talking the original LeapPad. Side note: It goes to show LeapFrog's products are durable and high quality. She has had her LeapPad since it debuted. And it still works perfectly. When [more]

Learning is Fun with the LeapFrog Word Whammer!

Learning is Fun with the LeapFrog Word Whammer!To get children excited to learn can be a daunting task for teachers and parents. For me as a teacher it was always rewarding when I saw my students enjoying the learning process. I of course tried to be a fun teacher but even I couldn't make some subjects fun. That is probably one of the first reasons I fell in love with the LeapFrog brand. I saw how it [more]

Celebrate National Rice Month with Minute® Ready to Serve Rice

Celebrate National Rice Month with Minute® Ready to Serve RiceDid you know September is national rice month? National Rice Month, is a celebration of the rice harvest and honors the contribution of the U.S. rice industry to America’s economy. Lets celebrate national rice month with Minute® Ready to Serve Rice! I am excited to be working with them again to come up with more rice recipes and to make your meal planning a bit easier! Read on and see what I cooked [more]

The Good Dinosaur Free Printables!

The Good Dinosaur Free Printables!My house is excited for Disney's newest animated movie, The Good Dinosaur! A movie full of heart, imagination, and set in a time everyone has wanted to visit at least once in their life. Who wouldn't want a pet dinosaur? Or in this case, a pet human? The Good Dinosaur asks the question: What if the asteroid that forever changed life on Earth missed the planet completely and giant dinosaurs never became [more]

Cars and Planes Birthday Party Decorations and Games!

Cars and Planes Birthday Party Decorations and Games!The Pirate wanted to celebrate his birthday this year with some of his favorite toys: Lightning McQueen, Dusty, Mater, and all their friends! So I got to work planning a fun fueled event. The beauty of having a Summer baby is being able to party outside. Last year we had a Mickey Mouse Luau and it was a blast. This year I focused on activities that would get the kids engines going [more]

Healthy After School Snacks with Envirokidz!

Healthy After School Snacks with Envirokidz!

Our new school year is almost here. I have my lunch ideas ready and squared away for at least the first few weeks. However, I always forget to have a game plan for after school. My kids always come home wanting a snack, but like their mother, they dislike having the same thing over andContinue Reading

Let’s Go See Initiative

Let’s Go See Initiative

August is the National Let’s Go See Awareness Month. As a mother of a little one who wears glasses I learned quickly the importance of annual eye exams not only for adults but children as well. Sometimes our kids cannot communicate that something is wrong or their vision isn’t as crisp as you would expect.Continue Reading

Cartoon Cuts Scavenger Hunt! #RacefortheCase

Cartoon Cuts Scavenger Hunt! #RacefortheCase

I hate to bring this up but Back to School is coming. It is everywhere, so we might as well face it. Getting back to school ready means supplies, clothes, and hair cuts. So if we have to get ready, why not have some fun and do a good deed too? At Cartoon Cuts theContinue Reading

Peter Pan 360 Show Review

Peter Pan 360 Show Review

Last week the hubs and I had a rare night out! We don’t take those lightly, and all the parents agreed, so we had to spend it doing something fun. As a bookworm and a show-nerd is that a thing? I was intrigued by all the signs for the new JM Barrie’s Peter Pan 360Continue Reading

Advice from Kids

Advice from Kids

You’re going to laugh at me for this one. I was playing the Inside Out game on my phone and could not get past this one level- 133. I even looked up the youtube video on how to beat it. Shameful I know. It was so bad and after a week of being unable toContinue Reading


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