Watermark Plus for Mac

As someone who posts photos online a lot, I am constantly looking for new ways to protect my content. You would be amazed at who tries to steal your stuff! One of the ways to keep my photos safe is by watermarking them. I was using an app not made for watermarking to mark my photos. It served its purpose but it was limited on functionality. Thanks to PearlMountain Technology Co I am finally able to do more!

Watermark Plus for Mac

Watermark Plus for Mac 

Watermark Plus is an easy and intuitive bulk photo convertor that lets you add text/image watermark, resize and rename photos. Watermark Plus comes with a smart fit feature, which makes watermarks intelligently adapt to different sizes of photos. You can add multiple image and text watermarks to photos at once and preview every step of the process in real time with high speed. You can also batch rename, resize multiple photos and convert to the most popular formats in no time.

That’s the technical way of saying Watermark Plus is a great app to have. I really like that I can do more than one photo at a time and it allows me to make my watermark as custom as I need it to be.

I am finally getting around to working on the blog post about my son’s Jake and the Neverland Pirates birthday party. With 22 Photos to watermark, it was nice and time saving to be able to watermark them all in a few clicks. It would take me what felt like forever to do that before, my back and my bottom thank you Watermark Plus!

Watermark Plus for Mac

The watermark texts adjust automatically based on the picture size. Notice the smaller text for the photo above versus the larger for the one below. 

Watermark Plus for Mac

You can also add images to your watermarks. The app comes with images or you can upload your own, which is great. After my redesign of Teachable Mommy is complete, I will be using my own images for my watermark. With Watermark Plus’ versatility I have what I need to protect my photos, save time, and have great looking content!

If you are a blogger, online writer, photographer, or just want to protect personal photos that you share, Watermark Plus is what you need!

Download it today in the Mac App Store Today


*This post is sponsored. I received the app for free in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own.

Walmart and TRESemme

I don’t know about you but I like watching the VMAs and other award shows for the fashion and the hair. As I sit there in my jammies, I keep thinking hmm it would be nice to wear a bajillion dollar dress and have a stylist. Walking the red carpet, flashing a perfectly white smile, and signing autographs because I want to be a nice celebrity. Back to reality, I’m a mom who has errands to run and children to chase after which does not require fancy anything. Despite what you see on Bravo.

On that rare occasion that I get to take off my yoga pants and transform into a rock star mom my hair has to play the part. 

Wait, there is something other than wash and wear?

Funny but true. I typically only wash it and let it dry naturally. Making it do anything other than get wavy/curly takes a lot of effort. With a little help from my friends anti-frizz spray, Gel/Wax, flat iron and a strong arm…maybe some wine too, I can transform myself into a rock star momma.


Giving your hair a style makeover is not as hard as you think. Walmart and TRESemmé have teamed up to get you rock star salon fabulous hair for this VMA season. You might not have garnered an invite to the event, but you can still amp up your style and have an awesome night out with red carpet worthy hair. From the pumped up pony, super sleek look, rock ‘n’ roll waves, to full blow volume, TRESemmé has a star style for you.

Image 3
For a complete list of TRESemmé products available and videos for styling ideas to make yourself VMA ready, check out this from Walmart.  

Image 3


How do you get your hair red carpet ready?


This post is sponsored by Global Influence. I was compensated for my time, all opinions are my own.


Walgreens, Unilever ice cream brands, #IceCreamRun

When I was younger one of my favorite things about summer was hitting up the local roadside ice cream stand and getting a huge serving of soft serve with extra rainbow sprinkles. I also remember it only costing $1.50…can we go back to those days? If we didn’t go out for ice cream we use to buy some at the store and make a yummy root beer float. 

ice cream

Now that I have my own children, we eat ice cream or frozen yogurt. I just introduced them to the awesomeness of the root beer float, needless to say they loved it. As we near the end of August though, ice cream will be returning to the once in awhile treat for good grades or excellent behavior.

Goodbye Summer… 

Wait a second. Just because school has started or is starting soon doesn’t mean we have to say goodbye to all things Summer just yet!

Don’t wait for the truck to come back next year.  Unilever ice cream- Magnum, Breyers, Klondike, Frutare, and Popsicle- are waiting for you at your local Walgreens. If you haven’t tried the Magnum white chocolate, do it, it has easily become a favorite of mine. The kids love fruity bars and the husband is all about the old school flavors. 

Walgreens, Unilever ice cream brands, #IceCreamRun

I love that Walgreens is close to the house, making it super convenient to get what we need and get back to the fun. We don’t have to go the grocery store or wait for that slow ice cream truck. Walgreens has all the ice cream we need to keep creating memories all year long!

What is your favorite way to enjoy ice cream?

*This post is sponsored by Global Influence. I was compensated for my time, all opinions are my own.
Belfort Furniture Kid Event 2014

Saturday August 23rd from Noon to 4pm, Belfort Furniture is having a big Back-To-School Ice Cream Social! 

Belfort Furniture Kid Event 2014

This fun-filled event is packed with things to do for the whole family. Everyone will be able to enjoy delicious ice cream from Scoops2U!

Kids will also enjoy story-time with Belfort’s mascot Bucky! 

Belfort has several classes for parents to get their kid’s rooms ready for the new school year.

Universal SmartStuff’s spokesperson Annie is sharing about trends and organization tips. Belfort’s Staff Designer, Stefani Arnold’s class is about room planning and how to get the most out of your child’s bedroom. Stefani will be sharing room layout ideas, furniture to include without losing space for creativity and play. My favorite topic: storage options for their rooms. I hope she talks about all those tiny tiny pieces my daughter’s toys include! Another will focus on accessorizing their rooms with wall art, lamps, rugs, and more! Plus, Karyn Roed of Casegoods Buyer, is teaching us about furniture safety and features to keep our children safe.

Bonus: Every Kidzgear purchase includes a FREE backpack!

Check out all the details for the event, including the schedule and learn how you can win a $2000 Youth Bedroom here!

If you have never been to Belfort Furniture you have been missing out. We went there to shop for my daughter’s big girl bedroom furniture and loved the selection and the prices. Belfort has something for each room in your house from furniture to decorative items, even mattresses! Happy Shopping and stop by my Facebook page and tell me what you bought!

Browse their furniture selections online and connect with them on Twitter and Facebook

This post is sponsored by Belfort Furniture, I received a gift in exchange for sharing about their event. All opinions are my own

ZonePerfect giveaway, Reestablishing healthy goals


Back in January I wrote a letter to myself, encouraging good habits and staying on track for my fitness goals in 2014:

Dear Ashley,

I know it was hard and sucked running so much and going to the gym a lot. You were tired, sore, and sometimes just plain stubborn. But look at you. No seriously, stop reading and look in the mirror. Hard work pays off. You wanted to tone up, you wanted to train for a half marathon and you did it. You persevered and stayed on track almost all the time. Hey we all fall off somedays. The important thing is you never gave up. Now that you’ve conquered this mountain it’s time to find another one. I know we can do it! 


Me/You however you’re suppose to end something like this….

 Pretty motivating words…maybe I should have remembered this letter to me prior to mid-August…

Let me give you an update on how all of that is going and what my motivation or lack there of is right now. 

I have slacked off considerably during these summer months. Other than occasionally making the gym, the once in a blue moon run, workouts as I knew them are nonexistent. I have done a lot of walking, swimming, and lifting heavy boxes as we purge all the stuff in our lives. So I guess that’s better than nothing. Between writing here, working for a conference happening in October that I’m also preparing my speech of, kids, husband, and life I find myself exhausted and not wanting to give up my couch at night. 

The funny thing is, I KNOW if I just made it to the gym, I would be fine, happy, every time I do make it I love it and feel great. But the knowledge and the body don’t like to cooperate. 

School is starting though, and with that comes a stricter routine which will help push me back into my workouts. This will be the first year both kiddos will be at school all day *tears* so there will no longer be the excuse to ditch running because I have to hurry to pickup little man.

Although my working out has been sporadic at best, my food intake has been great. Okay okay we did have Krispy Kreme donuts but I was on vacation and they were right. off. the. belt. mmmmmm

One of the things I always struggle with his the craving for desserts. Like all woman, there comes that time, ahem, once a month that I want what I want and I will hurt you if you try and stop me. I decided this summer, I wasn’t going to give in completely. I would find a substitute that would satisfy the craving without destroying my diet. ZonePerfect bars are perfect for all those gimmes! When I wanted chocolate, a dark chocolate protein bar was right for me. Something fruity? The greek yogurt bars hit the spot. I have always used their bars to keep as snacks for when I’m on the go but I never thought about treating myself with one. With a variety of flavors I’m sure you can find one for you. 

ZonePerfect giveaway, Reestablishing healthy goals

Another trick of mine this summer was watermelon. Delicious, refreshing, and sweet. I have been keeping watermelon chilled and ready to eat every time I had the urge to mindlessly munch in front of the TV. There are a lot of fun watermelon based recipes on Pinterest but it never lasts long enough around me to make something with it!

Now that I have confessed my shortcomings for all to see, I think it is time for a new letter. This one will be about how I plan to push myself to restart, recharge, and get through the end of this year on top of my goals. 

Dear Ashley,

Remember me? We were on FIRE for working out, feeling good, and looking amazing. I still think you are hot stuff but the laziness has got to go. School is starting soon and now it’s time to push yourself. With another vacation coming up and speaking engagements you want to look and feel your best. To get through the rest of your year, FOCUS, set tangible goals, and make your friends your accountability partners. We can do this! 

Love, Me

One Teachable Mommy fan will get a ZonePerfect prize pack, including protein bars, pedometer, portable phone charger, and more! 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclosure: I am a blogger for the Blog Forward challenge with ZonePerfect. Although I was provided with free product for the purpose of this post, my opinions as always are my own.

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