Frozen Birthday Party Decorations, Games, Food, Free Printables and More!

Frozen Birthday Party Decorations, Games, Food, Free Printables and More!Welcome to Arendelle! Come on in to enjoy our Frozen Party Celebration. From DIY Decorations, Elsa crafts, Olaf Games, and of course food this Frozen party is perfect for any Frozen fan in your house!These Frozen Travel Posters are available for free download with your Disney Movie Rewards AccountFollow the snowflakes to the North Mountain and enter Elsa's domain. But watch out for Marshmallow. These pictures cannot do justice. I had [more]

Organic Valley's New Protein Shakes, Delicious and Healthy Too! Giveaway Included

Organic Valley's New Protein Shakes, Delicious and Healthy Too! Giveaway IncludedWhether I am on the go running errands or I pushed myself at the gym, I need a protein shake that can help me keep going through my day. The issue I have always had with protein, meal-on-the-go type drinks are the taste, texture, and all the chemical, unpronounceable ingredients that are inside of it. All I wanted was something that would taste like a milkshake and do my body [more]

Disney On Ice presents Worlds of Fantasy Recap

Disney On Ice presents Worlds of Fantasy RecapLast week we were treated to a magical show at Disney On Ice presents Worlds of Fantasy! From start to finish everyone was captivated by the music, the moves, and all the fun. Mickey, Minnie, Donald, and Goofy welcome everyone to the show. Unfortunately, Mickey ends up with some car trouble and being so far from home how will he find someone to help him? The gang is in luck, there happens [more]

Showing Our Disney Side Games and Photo Booth Fun

Showing Our Disney Side Games and Photo Booth FunYesterday, I shared our DisneySide Decorations and Food. As promised here are the games and Photo Booth pictures. It is hard for my to pick a favorite part of these parties. Disney Bounding and cutting up in the Photo Booth is always a blast. At the same time just sharing the magic of Disney through talking about the Parks and the trivia games is also amazing. DisneySide parties are just so Tiggerific! Disney [more]

Showing Our DisneySide with Decorations and Food #DisneySide

Showing Our DisneySide with Decorations and Food #DisneySideWe recently showed off our DisneySide with family and friends. The party was a lot of fun, filled with laughs, good eats, and a lot of talk about my favorite subject- anything Disney!This post will focus on decorations and food. I will follow it with the games and Photo Booth fun. There were so many great shots this post would be miles long if I didn't split it up! Come inside, [more]

Natural Style with Conscious Beauty

Natural Style with Conscious BeautyYou shouldn't have to sacrifice style and beauty for the sake of green living. I want my organic cake and eat it too!With Conscious Beauty products I can glam myself up without polluting my body or the environment.  Their personal care products provide exceptional performance and promote health-conscious living. All of Conscious Beauty's products score a 4 or lower on the Environmental Working Group’s (EWG) Skin Deep Hazard Rating System. Organic, reusable, cruelty free, natural, gluten [more]

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Get healthy with Mercola & Giveaway!

Get healthy with Mercola & Giveaway!

Whenever a new year comes around getting healthy seems to be the top goal for everyone. I have been on this journey for awhile. Like you, I have great days and not so great days…sometimes you just have to eat the donut! One thing I always do is honestly evaluate my efforts at the end of the week. Then I have that heart to heart with myself, you really should drink more water and less coffee.

No matter how well I am doing, there is always one area I really struggle with. Vegetables. I could place the blame in all sorts of places but the truth is I just have never liked the taste of green. Broccoli, green beans, and lima beans bring them on. Romaine lettuce or iceberg yes please. But do not come at me with anything resembling a leaf off the trees outside. That is why I just smile and nod when I see all these great green smoothies people make and rave about. Not for me. If it tastes green then count me out. 

Dr. Mercola product giveaway

Recently I connected with Mercola who sent me some of their good-for-you products, including a supplement that will help get all that green goodness into your body. I was cautiously optimistic, it sounds perfect but what about the green taste?  

Organic Greens. Could this be the solution to my green dilemma?

I am happy to say yes it does fix my problem. Organic Greens is all the healthy stuff without the flavor that puts some of us off of green things. No aftertaste and blends nicely into smoothies or just with water. The Organic Greens blend is smooth and has a light green tea flavor. I combined mine with organic raspberry Greek yogurt, organic juice, and a banana.

Now I can finally get all the benefits of actually hitting the 5 servings a day for vegetables! Take that cold and flu season. You’re not bringing this house down!

Why Organic Greens?

I love coffee and I love tea. The Royal Matcha Green Tea from Mercola is an ideal, refreshing companion to my breakfast. Unlike traditional tea bags, the Royal Matcha Green Tea is in a powdered form. You simply mix it with hot water and enjoy. By not taking out the tea, you are not losing any nutrients that are found in tea. 

  • Support your immune system 
  • Help you fight the signs of aging 
  • Support healthy digestion 
  • Promote healthy function of your brain and liver 
  • Help promote healthy gums

Spiru-Blue  is a brain and body superfood. I take one of these daily. It does not give you weird supplement burps or breath!

  • Brain health support
  • Oxidative stress support
  • Eye health support
  • Cardiovascular support
  • Immune function support
  • Support for a healthy immune response
  • Seasonal comfort support
  • Detoxification support

Ready to boost your body’s defenses against the yucks of winter? Then I have a giveaway for you!

One Teachable Mommy fan will receive 1 Organic Greens and 1 Matcha Green Tea to help them get healthy and stay healthy in 2015! 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

If you are ready to start your journey, all these products are available for sale at the Mercola Store.  

*This post is sponsored by Dr. Mercola. I received free products for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own. I am not a doctor.

Ditching Toxins in Your Deodorant with a Primal Pit Paste Giveaway!

Ditching Toxins in Your Deodorant with a Primal Pit Paste Giveaway!

Not to gross you out but I sweat. I’ve been self conscious about my sweat and any smells that might be associated all my life. A lot of my friends made the switch to no deodorant or natural deodorant awhile ago. But for me, armpit cleansing and ditching my toxin filled deodorant seemed scary. WhatContinue Reading

Keep Your Kids Healthy With a Soothie Suckers Giveaway!

Keep Your Kids Healthy With a Soothie Suckers Giveaway!

Natural Remedies. I love them, I use them, and I preach their goodness to anyone who will listen. With cold and flue season rapidly approaching, we all need to stock up on the good stuff to keep our families healthy, happy, and in school!  Soothie Suckers are natural herbal supplements packed in ice pop pouches. My kidsContinue Reading

My Interview with Nutrition Expert Pam Nisevich Bede

My Interview with Nutrition Expert Pam Nisevich Bede

Have you ever wanted to sit down and ask a nutritionist anything and everything that comes to mind? I know I have. Well, I finally got the chance, and I made sure to ask questions both you and I wanted to know.   Recently, I was able to interview Pam Nisevich Bede, a nutrition expert.Continue Reading

Making and Keeping Goals in 2014 with ZonePerfect

Making and Keeping Goals in 2014 with ZonePerfect

When the clock strikes midnight and you’re yelling Happy New Year with your drink of choice in hand you feel like you can take on anything and anyone. But after you sleep it off and life begins again are you really following through? Now that we are coming to the end of our first monthContinue Reading


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