Have a Very Merry UnBirthday with an Alice in Wonderland, Mad Hatter Tea Party Birthday!

Have a Very Merry UnBirthday with an Alice in Wonderland, Mad Hatter Tea Party Birthday!I have always loved Alice in Wonderland, both the books and the classic Disney movie. My daughter and I decided it would be a lot of fun to host a Mad Hatter Tea Party for her birthday. It is a lot of fun to create a party from a theme that is not "in" or "popular" or "new." Parties like these make me stretch my creative muscles and I won't [more]

Try Delicious New Stonyfield Yogurt Pouches!

Try Delicious New Stonyfield Yogurt Pouches!New from my favorite yogurt brand are the Stonyfield Yogurt Pouches for the family! Delicious, convenient, and organic goodness for on the go, mess free eating. Stonyfield Yogurt Pouches are available in nine flavors for your YoBaby, YoToddler, and YoKids! No worries, you don't have to be a kid to enjoy these but we will get to that later.   My kids love pouches, it's like space man food meets crazy kids [more]

Butternut Squash Soup with Organic Squash from Hometown Harvest

Butternut Squash Soup with Organic Squash from Hometown HarvestButternut Squash Soup is something I really enjoy eating. It is not a dish I have ever tried making. When I got my Hometown Harvest bag I found a nice sized organic squash tucked inside. Originally I thought, I will chop this up and sauté it with some olive oil and zucchini. My friend however challenged me to step outside my cooking comfort zone and make a soup using my [more]

Host an Eggcellent Easter Party with Oriental Trading!

Host an Eggcellent Easter Party with Oriental Trading!Easter is almost here! Flowers are blooming, the sun is shining, and families are gathering for some good ol' fashioned Easter fun! Make your Easter the best yet with these excellent eggcellent party decorations and crafts from Oriental Trading!  What I love about Oriental Trading is that I can put a party together easily without spending a ton of money.  I hung up the Light Blue and Lilac Paper Lanterns to add a pop [more]

Captain America The Winter Soldier: A Must See! #CaptainAmerica

Captain America The Winter Soldier: A Must See! #CaptainAmerica   Captain America The Winter Soldier is the number 1 movie in the nation and the film with the largest April box office! And for good reason too. From start to finish Captain America is packed with action, drama, and a little comedic relief.  Chris Evans, Samuel L Jackson, and Scarlett Johansson are exactly what you would expect- awesome. I will admit I wasn't always team Black Widow, especially as a kid, [more]

Our Disney World Vacation: Making Memories

Our Disney World Vacation: Making Memories After sharing with you all How to Make the Most of Your Disney World Vacation I wanted to follow that up with a more personal post. Again it took me awhile to sort through the pictures I wanted to use remember I took over 1500 and also to put into words how amazing our trip was. I still don't feel like this post can do it justice, the magic of Disney [more]

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Skinny Limits Raw Juice Cleanse Review

skinny limits raw juice cleanse I have been interested in doing a cleanse for awhile now. My problem was knowing where to start and which one to do. Everyone has their opinions on brands, types, and even if you should or should not do a cleanse. Even after deciding yes I want to do a cleanse I still did not know which one to go with. As I have said before being a Moms Meet ambassador allows me to try out products I might not necessarily try or even hear about. Moms Meet offered a Skinny Limits sampling opportunity and I jumped on it. Not only did I want to do a cleanse but after reading about Skinny Limits I decided this was a great product to go with.

Skinny Limits is a raw juice cleanse. Why is raw better? I’ll answer that question with another one: doesn’t freshly squeezed juice taste better than store bought? If you haven’t had fresh juices then let me answer that for you, it tastes a whole lot better! When juice is freshly made not only does it taste different but your body can tell the difference too. Raw juice contains all the enzymes, vitamins, and nutrients of each fruit & vegetable you juiced. Skinny Limits is cold pressed and sent to you fresh! That means it does not use HPP (high pressure processing) like most other store bought brands to lengthen the shelf life. However, it’s also believed to kill enzymes, nutrients, and cells.

Even though I was excited to try the cleanse I was nervous too. What if I didn’t like the taste? Could I really go 3 days without eating? Will I turn into a monster of moodiness? The last one was my husbands question!

I started my days with a warm cup of lemon water, then it was time to take bottle number 1. In total you drink 6 bottles each day every 2.5 to 3 hours with the last bottle 2 hours before you go to bed. That means you need to do some math and have your plan ready. At least that was me, I wouldn’t have remembered if I didn’t write down my schedule! The other obstacle for me was what if I had to go out and be gone for awhile? Luckily it has been pretty cold here and I also have several insulated bags. If my errands would take longer than 2.5 hours then I would just pack up my juices to go.

Enough suspense, let’s talk taste because I know that is what you are thinking! 

It took about 1 and half green bottles to get my taste buds on board with the cleanse. Now this is not because it tasted horrible, it is because I have never been a fan of drinking my veggies. My husband on the other hand, tried a few sips and loved it. He enjoys drinking veggies. So it tastes great but if you’re like me it might take some getting use to. The Scorpion Lemonade (yellow) and the Crescent Moon (white) were fine for me right from the beginning. I enjoy the tartness of lemonade and the milk-like consistency of the Moon. The second most common question I was asked was is it lumpy? NO! Skinny Limits is a smooth drink so you won’t feel like you’re choking down your veggies.

Skinny Limits Raw Juice

The green bottles and I got along fine

Weren’t you starving? 

Another NO! When I felt like I was getting hungry it was time to drink another bottle. Also, if you are feeling really famished you are allowed to eat a couple stalks of celery, half a cucumber, or 1/4 avocado. I didn’t have to but the option is there if you need it. My only other suggestion is, if you are a coffee or tea, caffeinated kinda person like me detox yourself off the caffeine prior to starting the cleanse. I knew when I was starting this so I began to lessen my tea/coffee intake. That keeps you from having massive migraines from withdrawal.


skinny limits raw juice cleanse   Just The Facts:

  • The standard 3-day juice cleanse kit includes 18 bottles of juices total, in varying flavors and fruit/vegetable combinations. Each day you’ll drink six 16oz bottles of juice. The ingredients in each type of juice are listed below:

    Pure & Simple (Green Juice): Kale, spinach, parsley, cucumber, apple, and lemon.

    Balance (Green Ginger): Kale, spinach, parsley, cucumber, apple, lemon, and ginger.

    Green Firefly: Kale, spinach, parsley, celery, cucumber, apple, lemon, and pineapple.

    Scorpion Lemonade: Lemons, agave nectar, cayenne, and filtered water.

    Crescent Moon: Raw cashews, vanilla bean, cinnamon, agave nectar, coconut oil, himalayan sea salt, and filtered water.

  • Skinny Limits juices are completely natural and raw, made without pasteurization or processing. Plus they are vegan and gluten-free!
  • All Skinny Limits juices are made fresh to order and delivered immediately after being produced. All juices must be refrigerated immediately upon arrival.
  • The retail price of a 3-day Skinny Limits juice cleanse (18, 16oz bottles) is $147.

Before beginning a cleanse watch this video on how to get started!
Connect with Skinny Limits to learn more about raw foods, juice recipes, and more!

Have you ever tried a raw juice cleanse? Tell me all about it in the comments below!

FTC Disclosure:  I received this product for free from the sponsor of the Moms MeetsSM program, May Media Group LLC, who received it directly from the manufacturer. As a Moms Meet blogger, I agreed to use this product and post my opinion on my blog. My opinions do not necessarily reflect the opinions of May Media Group LLC or the manufacturer of the product. 

Working Out and Race Training Begins

Mamavation Monday



This was suppose to be the day I restarted my race training and got myself back in the groove of working out like it’s a job. Since we got some sleet/freezing rain and nice icy roads school was closed today. That means no running. That sucks because I had the urge, momentum to get back on track but at the same time it was a blessing because I was not looking forward to setting the alarm clock! I will go to the gym tonight though and get in my Zumba then tomorrow if school is open I will go running.

Restarting my fitness goals also means drinking more water and trying to not indulge too much in sweets and treats. I’m not a lover of drinking water. At one point I was doing great and dare I say even was starting to like water. Then something happened, and that was out the window. So I’m starting back at square one with forcing myself to drink more water and less tea/coffee/milk/anything that isn’t water. Upside: I feel more energized and clean does that make sense? Downside: having to pee all the time like I’m preggos.

I am excited to say I am officially signed up for my next Color Me Rad race. I ran one last year, read all about why it’s so RAD, and fell in love with it. In fact it made me want to do more races, which I thought hell would freeze over before I ever said something like that. Even though it is in the negative in places around the US I’m telling you it hasn’t frozen over, I actually like running.

Being stuck inside means it’s time to get creative with fitness ideas. Noone can use the excuse I can’t get to the gym as a reason for not exercising.

What is your favorite indoor exercise?

You Won’t Find GMOs in Stonyfield Yogurt!

Stonyfield Greek Yogurt, Organic, NonGMOs

“Not all yogurt cups are created equal. Stonyfield is obsessively organic when it comes to the way we’ve made our yogurt for the past 30 years.” -Stonyfield Co-Founder & Chairman Gary Hirshberg.

Not All Yogurt Cups Are Created Equal

Stonyfield makes its certified organic and authentically strained Greek yogurt without the use of GMOs, toxic persistent pesticides, artificial hormones and antibiotics. Yogurts and other products labeled “Natural” are not what you think. There is no legal, definitive requirements for a product to carry the label “natural.” Only the USDA Certified Organic label is a guarantee that the food within is made without all the junk consumers want to avoid.

According to a survey commissioned by Just Label It, 92% of Americans want to label genetically engineered foods (also called GMOs or genetically modified organisms). Currently, GMOs are not required to be labeled in the U.S. Thankfully, individual states and companies are rallying to push for labels! Until labeling is passed, the best ways for American consumers to avoid foods made with GMOs is to eat items that carry the USDA Certified Organic seal or products that are verified through the Non-GMO Project.

The response to Stonyfield’s Yogurt Trade Up was amazing. Although the giveaway is over you can still coupons for Stonyfield yogurt just by signing up on  www.stonyfield.com!

About Stonyfield
Stonyfield, celebrating its 30th year, is the world’s leading organic yogurt company. Its certified organic yogurt, smoothies, milk, cultured soy, frozen yogurt and ice cream are distributed nationally. The company advocates that healthy food can only come from a healthy planet. Its use of organic ingredients helps keep over 200,000 farm acres free of toxic, persistent pesticides and chemical fertilizers known to contaminate soil, drinking water and food. To help reduce climate change, Stonyfield offsets all of the CO2 emissions generated from its facility energy use. Stonyfield also donates $2 million of its yearly profits to efforts that help protect and restore the Earth. For more information about Stonyfield, its products and initiatives, visit www.stonyfield.com or follow Stonyfield on Twitter @Stonyfield and on Facebook www.facebook.com/StonyfieldFarm.

Make the switch to Stonyfield’s organic yogurt today, you won’t be disappointed!

**Proud to be a YoGetter and share my love of Stonyfield with you**

Jamba Juice Fruit and Veggie Smoothies

jamba juice smoothies

Did you know that only 8% of Americans achieve their recommended target for fruit in an average day? And only 6% of individuals meet their recommended target for vegetables in an average day. Sadly, only 1% of adults and 2% of kids actually meet both the fruit and veggie recommendations each day.+

Those statistics make me sad as a mom who wants the best for her kids and as someone who promotes healthy living. I believe that a lot of our health issues come from improper diets. There have been countless studies to show how changing your diet positively affects a person’s overall well being, even to the point of curing ailments. Turning that knowledge into action can be daunting, especially with picky eaters like children.

One of the best ways I have found to get children to eat what is good for them is to hide it in something they love. Perfect example of this: Smoothies. What kid doesn’t like a smoothie? Or what adult for that matter? So when the Moms Meet program I am apart of announced they were looking for bloggers to share about Jamba Juice’s Fruit and Veggie Smoothies I jumped on the chance.

Jamba Juice is dedicated to helping kids and adults alike get better-for-you foods and drinks. They are a proud sponsor of “Team Up for a Healthy America” that focuses on the fight against childhood obesity. Their Fruit and Veggie Smoothies contain 2 servings of fruit and 1 serving of veggies. Not only are they good for you but they are tasty too. Win-win!

I was asked to try the new Tropical Harvest Smoothie. As much as I love my veggies and fruit I don’t always love them together. Nevertheless I was excited to try it out and if I liked it I knew this would be another way I could make sure to get in my daily veggies! It was very delicious! The blend of fruit and veggies was perfect. This smoothie was sweet enough for me and the veggies weren’t overpowering the fruit. And unlike some other fruit/veggie blends, there was not a funny aftertaste.

Jamba Juice Fruit and Veggie Smoothies

Mommy and Mini-Mommy approved!

The kids loved the Berry Beet It Smoothie! I’m pretty sure they barely came up for air as they drank it down! I tried a sip of my daughter’s and it is very tasty. I couldn’t taste the veggies and neither could they. And if you have ever tried to get children to eat more unconventional vegetables, and I’m not talking green beans, then you know the struggle. It does not even matter if they taste good, it’s all about perception to them and the battles begin. The Berry Beet It Smoothie will sneak in super veggies like carrots, beets, broccoli, spinach, kale, and lettuce into your child’s diet without the battle of wills.

Jamba Juice Fruit and Veggie Smoothies

They loved the taste and I loved that they were healthy. And that means everyone went home happy!

Jamba Juice Fruit and Veggie Smoothies

Just the Facts:

All Jamba Juice Fruit & Veggie Smoothies contain two servings of fruits and one serving of veggies in every blended-to-order smoothie. Plus they are made from only real, whole fruit and vegetable juice- no added sugar.

The new Tropical Harvest Smoothie is made with a fusion of mangos, peaches, and passion mango juice blended with juices from butternut squash, sweet potato, and carrot. Only 230 calories, gluten and dairy free, and an excellent source of Vitamins A and C.

The Jamba Kids Berry Beet It Smoothie is made with a delicious blend of strawberries, mangos, bananas, and mixed berry juice with carrots, beets, broccoli, spinach, kale, and lettuce. Only 190 calories, gluten and dairy free, and an excellent source of Vitamins A, C, B6, and fiber.

New at Jamba Juice:

Jamba Kids Meals! This menu was developed with expert dieticians on Jamba’s Healthy Living Council. Jamba’s Kid Meals are perfectly sized, featuring smoothies made with whole fruit and fruit and veggie juices, and tasty food items full of whole grains and protein. That makes me and the kids very happy!

Visit Jamba Juice for more menu options, locate a store near you, or to sign up for the Insider Club for exclusive goodies.  Also get connect on Facebook and Twitter.

**For more information about Moms Meet, a program that promotes healthy/green brands visit greenmomsmeet.com**

+ Study conducted by Produce for Better Health Foundation: State of the Plate 2010 Study on America’s consumption of fruits and vegetables

*I received this product for free from the sponsor of the Moms Meet program, May Media Group LLC, who received it directly from the manufacturer. As a Moms Meet blogger, I agreed to use this product and post my opinion on my blog. My opinions do not necessarily reflect the opinions of May Media Group LLC or the manufacturer of the product.

Get in Shape with the New My FitU!


Are you looking for a workout program designed for the average person and customizable to your needs? No really it does exist. My FitU is a revolutionary fitness program that acts as a personal trainer, healthy eating mentor, and weight loss coach all in one! Great! What makes it different from all the others? My FitU is designed for the everyday woman or man. Workouts are tailored to fit your needs at your level, whether you are beginning your fitness journey or you enjoy more advanced workouts. 

Daniel Meng is the creating force of My FitU. He is one of the most successful fitness coaches and trainer to stars like Kenny Chesney, Keith Urban, Jay DeMarcus of Rascal Flatts, and more. Ladies, that means he is the man to thank for how well those men wear their jeans…but I digress. Daniel’s experience includes 13 years as a certified personal trainer, group exercise instructor, owner of MUV Fitness Coaching, and 12 years on-road health coach for Kenny Chesney.

Signup took a few minutes and I could tell from the start it wasn’t like any other program I’ve tried. I am a the point in my fitness journey that I want to tone up and lose a few more pounds. My FitU allowed me to customize a plan that focused on toning up with weight loss. Typically programs make you choose: extreme fitness or extreme weight loss, something I really dislike.  Not only was I given daily exercises but also a nutritional plan. Although I already eat healthy I always love new ideas and recipes to try. For someone who is just starting to figure out how to eat right this aspect of the program is perfect.

Also when I signed up, I was asked where I would be primarily working out. As a busy mom, I am home more than I can make it to the gym so my exercises are all things I can do at home. Thankfully My FitU keeps it simple, with step by step visual, audio, and written instructions for each exercise. And if I still have a question, members can post questions and Daniel will answer them! Awesome right?! My favorite thing about the My FitU exercises? The ability to swap exercises. When you have chronic pain issues (for me it is my back) certain exercises exacerbate it and I do not have time to be out of commission. Also, sometimes you just don’t like a certain routine and with the swap ability you don’t have to do it anymore.

Bottom Line: I love My FitU! It is the perfect companion to my crazy mom life and 2x a week gym schedule. I can really feel it working (read:sore muscles) and I am starting to see the difference in my arms and abs after only 2 weeks.  I have been in a plateau for awhile so to finally get off of it in just a little amount of time feels amazing! Daniel Meng will definitely get your body ready to lounge on the beach no shoes, no shirt, no problems.


 a look at the exercise menu on My FitU

Included in your membership: iPhone app to easily access your exercise plans, meal plans, and safety tips!

MyFitU iphone app


My FitU wants to give one (1) Teachable Mommy reader a FREE ONE YEAR MEMBERSHIP to my FitU!

In the meantime visit MyFitU to start your free, two-week trial (no credit card required!) and see what superstar Kenny Chesney has to say about Daniel!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

*This post is sponsored by MyFitU. I received a free membership to MyFitU for compensation of this post. No monetary compensation was received and the opinions expressed are my own. Winner will be chosen using Rafflecopter and Random.org. Winner’s entry will be verified and then they will be contacted. Winner has 24 hours to respond before another is chosen.


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