Planes Fire and Rescue Review and Printables!

Planes Fire and Rescue Review and Printables! The family and I saw Planes Fire and Rescue in 3D a few nights ago. We are big fans of the first Planes, especially my little guy so you can imagine his excitement when I told him we were seeing Fire and Rescue! The movie starts with Dusty, fresh off his big win at Wings Across the World, taking on race after race. He is a phenomenon in the racing world, remember he [more]

Workouts For Busy Moms

Workouts For Busy Moms Most weeks I can make the gym regularly. Life likes to happen though so sometimes the gym is out of the question, unless I go at 6am and sorry I like my sleep too much for that. Because of those kinds of days I started to look for ways to get in some sort of exercise no matter what.  These workouts won't give you your ultimate mile time, best distance, or [more]

Win a Ticket to WOW Summit 2014!

Win a Ticket to WOW Summit 2014!Have you ever wanted to learn from and be around moms like you who are trying to raise their kids the natural way? I know I have! If you are like me then the WOW Summit is the place for you. The Moms Meet WOW Summit will take place this year in Orlando, Florida from November 7-9th.  I am bummed I will not be able to make it. From what I have read [more]

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Luau Birthday Party

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Luau Birthday PartyWhen my darling son turned 2 we had a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse birthday party. It was cute but since then I have started to do more personalized birthdays and not just buying whatever I could find in the stores. After our trip to Walt Disney World, he wanted another Mickey Mouse Birthday. Sounds easy enough right? Sure if I wanted to just repeat his 2nd Birthday but I wanted to [more]

The Magic of Disney Social Media Moms On The Road

The Magic of Disney Social Media Moms On The Road Not only was I inspired by the Disney Social Media Moms On The Road event but I was blown away by how special and magical the event was. Hopefully you can feel some of the DisneySide energy!  It was cool to see some of the #DisneySide crafts that some of the party hosts made. I really love and want to try making the Mickey Mouse utensil holder. After checking in and receiving my [more]

Getting Inspired at Disney Social Media Moms On the Road

Getting Inspired at Disney Social Media Moms On the Road It was like something of a dream. I was beyond excited and jumping up and down as I read the email that I was invited to this year's Disney Social Media Moms On The Road in Philly. First off, I am a huge Disney fan (like you couldn't tell that already), second it has always been a dream of mine to work with them some way some how, and third I [more]

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Ritz Bits Snack for Your Champion with PearUp

Ritz Bits Snack for Your Champion with PearUp

Ritz Bits

This post is sponsored by Global Influence. All opinions are my own.

This past year my little man has turned into my little soccer star. I never thought soccer would be something he would take to but I signed him up for a little beginners class at his insistence. Then boom- he was off and loving the game. I have always believed playing on a sports team is important to for children. Not only does it help with motor skills, but also listening skills, and teamwork. Since he enjoys it and is good at it looks like I’m moving from soccer fan to soccer mom- no minivans though. 

Although right now he’s not old enough to compete in a competitive league, I remember from my little league days how the costs of sports can add up. Fees to join the league/team, uniforms, the shoes, it goes on and really can put a damper on your wallet. 


 That is where comes into play!

Pear is a social platform that helps groups earn sponsorship from brands for FREE. Pear does all the work, matching sponsors with groups and organizations, in the goal to make sponsorship easy for both parties. 

What’s the catch? There is no catch! It is free to participate, no cost to you, and no donations are required.

Ritz Bits Snack For Your Champion Program is offering more than $100,000 to sponsor to youth soccer teams across the country by providing team apparel or providing a donation for team/league fees. Ritz Bits simply wants to generate goodwill in the youth soccer community.

How it works:

  • Groups earn sponsorship money by creating a Pear for their group and sharing with others who complete digital incentives to earn more money.
  • Each group can earn up to $1,000 within a 10-day time frame.
  • That $1,000 can be used toward team apparel or can simply be a donation to the soccer team for team/league fees.
  • Each team member completes digital steps on behalf of Ritz Bits to earn dollars – things like liking Ritz Bits on Facebook, following Ritz Bits on Instagram or signing up for an email.
  • For every step team members complete, they’ll get dollars towards their goal.
  • The more tasks you complete, the more dollars you earn for your sponsorship.
  • At the end of the 10-day period, group leaders claim an online certificate for the amount earned redeemable at any Pear printer or a check will be made out to the individual responsible for handing financials for the soccer team or organization.


As I said, my little man is not on a competitive league team yet. But I encourage you to join me in supporting the Pear of team: Kings Park Warriors 



You can create your own Pear for your child’s soccer team! Choose either uniform or team/league fees for your fundraiser. If you create a Pear for your children please share in the comments so we can all help support your superstars!

What do you find is your biggest expense having a child on a team? 
Gifford’s Famous Ice Cream is Now in the DC Metro Area

Gifford’s Famous Ice Cream is Now in the DC Metro Area

One of the fun things about doing what I do is getting to attend awesome events my whole family gets to enjoy. This one happened to be on little man’s birthday- food, ice cream, and golf? It was like another present for him!    You mean we have to choose? Toppings time and that wouldContinue Reading

Natural Energy without the crash from CogniTea! #ICANIWILL

Natural Energy without the crash from CogniTea! #ICANIWILL

  As much as I love coffee, I equally love tea. And just like my coffee, I am very picky about my tea. It has to be flavorful and leave me feeling ready for whatever may come my way. When I received an email from an entrepreneur about trying out his new tea blend IContinue Reading

POPSUGAR Must Have Box for June and Discount Code!

POPSUGAR Must Have Box for June and Discount Code!

I was excited to receive my first ever PopSugar Must Have Box! I decided not to snoop online, because I wanted to be surprised. And oh boy, I was surprised!  I love getting goodies in a box with pink on it.  June’s Must Have Box had a Summer is finally here kind of vibe. The amount andContinue Reading

Get Ready for Camp with Kidecals! #Kidecals

Get Ready for Camp with Kidecals! #Kidecals

I love to label! As a teacher it was imperative so the children knew where everything went. As a mom, the obsession is more so, so things do not get lost! But labeling bins and labeling kid items are too different things. I need labels that are tough and durable, but still cute and funContinue Reading


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